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3D Print Nerf Trifecta

Just a quick update. It has come to my attention that a new alliance has been formed among some of the modders that manufacture 3D Print Nerf attachments and accessories. HobbyMods, GavinFuzzy, and Jodocast have joined forces and will have all of their awesome 3D Print Nerf designs available on the new HobbyMods webstore. HobbyMods was formerly known as Oznerfnerd, and they have an eBay store where you can find a lot of cool products. You may remember him from those awesome Nerf Stryfe attachments like the extended length stock adapter and the angled grip. They also made the Longshot mod bundle which included aluminum reinforcement for the weak Longshot bolt sled. Jodocast and Gavinfuzzy are two great tinkerers that have come up with some amazing 3D Print Nerf accessories in the past. I’m definitely looking forward to this trifecta of Nerf modding come into existence. You can find the HobbyMods store over at http://www.hobbymods.net/.

3D Print Nerf Superstore:

Here is the announcement post that Hobby Mods made on Facebook.:

Hi All,I am happy to announce a new collaboration between myself, Jodocast and Gavinfuzzy.Their 3D printed designs…

Posted by Hobby Mods on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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