Amazon Best Sellers for NERF

Nerf Elite Strongarm

Amazon Best Sellers List

Here, I’ll be listing the absolute best selling Nerf blasters on Find out what’s selling like hotcakes and what’s collecting dust on the back of the shelf. Discover what everyone else thinks are the best Nerf guns available. Behold! The Amazon Best Sellers List !

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Here we see much has changed. Well, besides the Nerf Strongarm. That’s still the top seller for all Nerf blasters. Surprisingly, the Nerf Rebelle line of blasters have dropped completely from the top ten. Even more surprising, the Nerf Elite Rapidstrike still isn’t in the top ten. It would once again be number eleven. The Lady Nerf blasters trail closely behind. That’s all folks, c’est tout. This is the newly updated Amazon Best Sellers List for Nerf.

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