April Fools Day Nerf Pranks

april fools day nerf

April Fools Day has come and gone. What were some good Nerf related posts that you saw? I know I saw quite a few. Some were funny and some almost made me cry. We all can be fools on this day. Yes, we know the date and we’ve seen the calendars. But somewhere down the road where desperation meets desire, we just want to believe. It’s called suspension of disbelief. What were your favorites? What did you fall for this year? I’m going to go over some of the pranks and general April Fools Day tomfoolery that I saw on the internet. Let me Know if I leave any out…

April Fools Day Roundup.:

april fool's day nerf pranksNew Nerf Edible Darts

This one comes straight from the source. That’s right, Nerf pranked its subscribers on social media accounts by releasing a teaser picture of new edible Nerf darts. And yes, they even come in Mega Edible dart variations.

Coop772 Quits Nerf!

coop772 april fool's day nerfThe great Coop772 himself released an April Fools Day video on YouTube. In the video we see Coop, claiming that he was putting away childish things, so to speak. He’s dressed in tacti-cool gear, complete with a cap and dark shades. He declares that Nerf is for nerds and geeks and he’d much rather transition over to much cooler activities. Classic.

mattel hasbro nerfBreaking News! Mattel Acquires Hasbro.

Mattel acquires Hasbro? Merges Nerf and BoomCo brands? What!? Don’t worry folks, it’s all in good fun. This was a fake acquisition news report, produced by yours truly, Nerf Gun Attachments. What do you think would be the outcome if that were to happen for real? Doesn’t sound too good, does it?

n-strike elite alpha trooperElite Alpha Trooper Back in Stock!

One of the best springer primary blasters on the entire N-Strike Elite line. Yes, the Elite Alpha Trooper. Commonly referred to as the EAT. For some reason the EAT is MIA in the USA. Okay, enough abbreviations. I get it. But apparently Hasbro doesn’t. Make more EAT blasters, Hasbro! The absence of that blaster on the market is what made me anxiously click through to read an evil article about a resurgence of Nerf EAT stock in Target stores. Dastardly.

april fool's day nerf elite stampedeNerf News: Elite Stampede.

This one was a video about an N-Strike Elite version of the popular N-Strike Stampede blaster. Complete with a full mockup of the Stampede blaster in Elite blues coloring, this video could have had some people kicking themselves by the time they realized it was just another April Fools Day prank.

And my old time favorite:

nerf nukeThe Nerf Tactical Nuke!

Launch a Nuke! Drop the bomb on ’em! When all else fails, launch the Nerf Nuke to get the drop on your enemies. All of them. Across the whole playing field. Yup. This was a really great April Fools Day prank from a few years back by the fine folks over at ThinkGeek. I still secretly wish this was a real product. They can do it!

 Nerf April Fools Day Summary.:

That’s about all. I’m sure I left some out. Anyway, which ones were your favorite? Let me know how you really feel down below in the comments section. I think Coop’s was my favorite this time around. But, that’s all until next time. You’ve got about a year to hatch your plans for the next April Fools Day. Until then, take care of yourselves… and each other.

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