Blaster Loadouts

nerf blaster loadouts

Loadout 1: The Flywheel Nerf Blaster Loadout.

Primary | Rapidstrike CS-18                              

nerf rapidstrike blaster loadouts

nerf elite pinpoint sight, nerf blaster loadouts       |  nerf foregrip attachment  |      nerf spectre barrel attachment blaster loadouts

Secondary | Stryfe

nerf stryfe blaster loadouts          |          nerf stryfe - best nerf blaster secondary

Lethal                                               |     Tactical

zombie strike zbombz nerf swords and other melee

Loadout 2: The OJ Orange Nerf Blaster Loadout.

Primary | Demolisher 2-in-1

nerf demolisher

nerf demolisher launcher    |    nerf bandolier    |  nerf banana clip magazine extended mags

Secondary | Hammershot

nerf hammershot   |     nerf hammershot

Lethal                                              |     Tactical

          nerf missilesnerf missiles

Loadout 3: The Elite Springer Nerf Blaster Loadout.

Primary | Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12

nerf elite alpha trooper

    nerf raider stock     |   nerf elite bandolier

Secondaries | Strongarm + Firestrike

Nerf Elite Strongarm| Nerf Firestrike

Lethal                                              |     Tactical

boomco roundsboomco rounds

Loadout 4: The Pea Soup Green Nerf Blaster Loadout.

Primary | Zombie Strike Slingfire

nerf zombie strike slingfire nerf blaster loadouts

       nerf zombie strike longshot scope     |     nerf zombie strike slingfire 25 dart drum nerf blaster loadouts

Secondary | Sidestrike

nerf zombie strike sidestrike   |   nerf vortex ammo belt nerf blaster loadouts

Lethal                                          |     Tactical


      nerf zombie strike blade    nerf vortex football nerf blaster loadouts

Loadout 5: The O MEGA Red Loadout

Primary | MEGA RotoFury

Nerf Mega RotoFury Blaster      

Secondary | CycloneShock + BigShock

nerf cycloneshock|   bigshock

Lethal                                         |     Tactical          

nerf machete nerf swords     zombie strike z bomb

Loadout 6: The “Girlie” Nerf Rebelle  Blaster Loadout

Primary | Rebelle Rapid Red

nerf rebelle rapid red
nerf rebelle mission central             |               nerf rebelle rapid glow blaster       

Secondary | Spylight + Power Pair

nerf rebelle spylight blaster  |   nerf rebelle power pair pack

Lethal                                           |     Tactical          

nerf rebelle target cans      nerf rebelle target cans

2 thoughts on “Blaster Loadouts

  1. Loved my old RapidStrike, fast firing and consistent distances it could not be beaten! Sure, you can manually unload a clip faster on a Stryfe but your distances would drop as a result.

    However, due to manoeverbility around small corners and smaller size I have switched to my Stryfe with larger clip and the fore-grip you’ve listed with your primary RapidStrike. More practical and still fun, but let’s face it – the automatic firing of a RapidStrike is still boss!

  2. It is, and I do love the Rapidstrike… but I find myself liking the Stryfe even more. I think the Stryfe is actually my favorite blaster overall. Until the Nerf Modulus releases… The similarities the Modulus has to the Stryfe has left me very excited about the upcoming release of that blaster.

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