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Nerf Elite HyperFire Blaster Review

nerf elite hyperfire

Show me again, the power of the flywheel, and I’ll let nothing stand in […]

Free Nerf Guns from Hasbro! Or The Story Of How Nerf Perks Failed Me

how i got free nerf guns from hasbro

No matter what, people are always asking how to get Hasbro to send them… […]

Nerf War Loadouts – The Heavy Runner Loadout

nerf war loadouts the heavy runner nerf loadout nerf war loadout

What’s going on guys? This is Blee. Here today, we’re going to be talking […]

Nerf Brainsaw Review! Cutting Edge Zombie Strike Blaster?

nerf brainsaw, zombie strike blaster

Zombies are coming! So here today, in preparation, we’ll be going over the brand […]

Nerf Battle Assembly: How To Field-Strip A Nerf Gun

nerf battle assembly: attaching nerf gun attachments

Nerfers, assemble! Today we have a more lighthearted article. This one’s just for fun, no […]

Quitting NERF? A Few Words About Exiting The Hobby

quitting nerf

Let me just preface this by saying one thing.: I am NOT Quitting Nerf. […]