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Nerf Modulus Kits: Why I’m Excited

nerf modulus blaster nerf modulus kits

Here it goes, right off the bat.: The No.1 Reason I’m excited for the […]

Nerf Super Soaker: What Happened?

nerf super soaker kid

Dear Nerf Super Soaker., Dear Super Soaker, what happened to you? Oh, I know. Nerf […]

Nerf Party Ideas!

nerf party ideas

Ah, the Nerf Party. Good fun, yes? I wouldn’t know. I’d have no idea. […]

Hasbro Star Wars Nerf Blasters

hasbro star wars

Hasbro Star Wars May The Fourth Be With You! When you think of Star […]

Marvel Nerf Blasters

avengers age of ultron marvel nerf blasters

With the upcoming release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron (if you haven’t seen the […]

Fake Nerf Guns Here!

nerf firestrike knockoff blaze storm hot fire

Fake Nerf Guns Everywhere Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery.   Imitation. Some […]

Nerf Blasters In Pop Culture

clint eastwood maverick nerf blasters

(The above painting of Clint Eastwood with dual Nerf Maverick blasters is credited to artist Jared […]

Nerf Toys: Who Are They For?


Who is Nerf for, anyway? All Nerf toys have a suggested suitable age range. […]

HvZ: A History Of Nerf Zombies

hvz humans vs zombies

Cops and Robbers. Cowboys and Indians. Humans and… Zombies? Humans vs. Zombies is, at its […]

Nerf War Games Types – A History of Nerfage

nerf war

War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Nerf War Games on the other […]