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Nerf Versus The World

So Who Are Nerf’s Competitors? Buzz Bee Toys. Buzz Bee Toys is one of Nerf’s […]

Nerf or Nothing..?

nerf or nothing

Non-Expanding-Recreational-Foam Nerf has come a long way. Since 1969 when the very first piece […]

Nerf Swords and Melee Weapons

zombie strike nerf swords and melee weapons

In war, you will always have some kind of bladed weapon. It is mandatory […]

Nerf Blaster Initiation

vintage nerf blaster

What was your first Nerf Blaster? When I started to get back into the […]

Amazon Best Sellers for NERF

Nerf Elite Strongarm

Amazon Best Sellers List Here, I’ll be listing the absolute best selling Nerf blasters […]

Strongarm Mom

Nerf Strongarm

A Mother’s Strongarm Tactics So I was browsing the internet one day, looking for […]

Nerf Blast-a-Ball

Nerf Blast-a-Ball

1970 Somethin’ In 1970, Non-Expanding Recreational Foam (NERF) was born. Back then, there were […]