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Nerf N-Strike Modulus Season

nerf modulus ecs 10 nerf n-strike modulus

A wild Nerf N-Strike Modulus appeared… Get ready… It’s almost time. Whew! It’s getting […]

Nerf SplitStrike

nerf splitstrike

Now this is a true “2-in-1” blaster, the Nerf Split Strike. The Nerf SplitStrike […]

Nerf Alpha Trooper XD

nerf alpha trooper xd nga nightly nerf news

When I did the Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper review, I spoke of it rising […]

Nerf Vagabond: New Nerf Blaster

nerf vagabond hobo with a nerf gun

I was down under, surfing the waves near the Southern Brisbane Nerf Club, when […]

Nerf Rebelle Fearless Flyer

nerf rebelle fearless flyer

Oh my goodness. Where did this blaster come from? It sounds amazing. And sexy. The […]

Thunderdome: The Nerf War HvZ Arena

nerf thunderdome

Welcome to THUNDERDOME! Thunderdome: Face Your Fears, Build Your Dreams… Okay, this is a […]

Nerf RotoFury on Amazon!

nerf rotofury nerf mega rotofury review

What a month, what a month! First the Nerf Modulus, then the Nerf Doominator, […]

Nerf: Behind the Nerf Crossbolt

behind the nerf crossbolt

Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury, I present to you Exhibit A: The Nerf […]

Nerf Doominator on Amazon!

nerf doominator

UPDATE: Here is a cool video from UK retailer Smyths Toys: Original article: The […]