Cheap Nerf Darts?! Newisland Foam

cheap nerf darts newisland foam

You can be the best Nerfer in the world, but if you run out of darts during a Nerf War then you’re just another sitting duck. Another easy target out on the battlefield. Don’t be a duck. Stock up on cheap Nerf darts.

cheap nerf darts newisland foam

Cheap Nerf Darts from Newisland.

Here today, I’m going to be taking a look at another, alternative option for cheap Nerf darts. They seem to be popping up quite frequently online, but whenever they show up on Amazon (and with Prime Shipping), they get my attention. So imagine how I felt when Newisland contacted me about testing out their new foam dart refill pack. They sent me a free press sample, the “Newisland 200pcs Foam Darts, with Blue Round Head and Orange Suction Refills Pack.” And this is my review!

What’s in the Box?!

cheap nerf darts newisland foam darts refills pack

200 darts. What else? This refill dart pack comes packed to the brim with cool Newisland foam darts. There are 60 suction cup darts and 140 Elite type darts. They are packaged in rows of 10 darts. The rows of darts are wrapped in plastic and neatly packed in the box. Opening the plastic was pretty easy, so no complaints there. At least they aren’t individually wrapped, because I’ve seen that before!

Are cheap Nerf darts quality Nerf darts?

cheap nerf darts newisland foam

Newisland Foam Darts Aesthetics.:

So once you fully unpack the Newisland dart refills pack from the box, you might notice that they look a little familiar. The suction darts are the same color as the old streamline darts from the N-Strike nerf darts newisland foamThat’s a cool switch from the standard Elite blue and I like the color choice, if even just for the sake of nostalgia. The other darts, referred to as “blue round heads” are highly reminiscent of standard Nerf Elite nerf darts newisland foam

Cheap Nerf Darts – Foam Quality Assurance?

cheap nerf darts newisland foamcheap nerf darts newisland foam

Now usually when you order cheap Nerf darts from the internet, you might be in for quite a mixed bag. I’ve seen such varying degrees of construction, ranging from slight imperfections to downright unusable. And that’s all in the same order of darts. Not here. The Newisland foam darts are surprisingly high quality for third party darts. Out of 200 darts, there was only 1 that had any serious issues with quality. That dart was cut too short, like a bad circumcision. The funny part is, the dart still functioned in springers and front-loaders, just not flywheel blasters.

Cheap Nerf Darts – Performance?

cheap nerf darts newisland foam darts refills pack

Now here is the tricky part. I actually saw a slight drop in performance while using the Newisland foam darts. With the Elite type darts, it was a drop of about 10 feet. That’s not too bad. But with the suction cup streamline darts, I saw a pretty substantial drop in range. So in my mind, the blue darts can be acceptable for use in any kind of setting, from Nerf Wars to target practice. The suction darts, on the other hand, are better left for indoor play. The suction cup on the end of the dart is very good at sticking, so there’s lot of fun to be had around the house with those.

Newisland Foam Darts = Superior Cheap Nerf Darts?

cheap nerf darts newisland foam

So are the Newisland foam darts good? Does the Newisland dart refills pack live up to the hype? I’d say YES. If you’re talking benefit-cost ratio, then it’s a no brainer. These are definitely cheap Nerf darts. (You can check here to find the current price on There are lots of different choices for cheap darts, including the ever popular Koosh Darts. But, this offering from Newisland has many advantages. We already know they’re pretty cheap, but they’re also fast. As in shipping speed fast. Newisland foam darts are eligible for Prime Shipping! That means if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can have 200 darts show up at your house as quick as TOMORROW. Cheap, quick, and easy? I’m sold.

cheap nerf darts newisland foam

I can definitely recommend these darts. If you’re looking for a quick alternative — check out Newisland for cheap Nerf darts!

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