nerf elite flywheel blasters

Nerf Elite Flywheel Blasters

Tired of continuously priming your blasters before you shoot? You know the deal.: First you have to load your blaster, then you have to cock it back to prime it, then you fire. Rinse and repeat. It’s not so bad really, but I know change is always good. If you can make something easier and even more fun, then why not? That’s why they made these super awesome Nerf Elite flywheel blasters. They operate using batteries and can fire semi-automatic or sometimes even full auto. Impressive! But for this article, we’ll only be going over the semi-automatic blasters. Now there are a few different models of Nerf Elite flywheel blasters on the market right now, so let’s take a closer look. Shall we? They’re all pretty great, but maybe something stands out for you on a personal level when we compare them. Either way you cut it, Nerf Elite flywheel blasters are the best of the best. So without further adieu, I give to you, the Nerf Elite Flywheel Blasters comparison chart.

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    • Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe
    • Batteries: 4 AA batteries
    • Range: Up to 75 ft
    • Ammo: 6-dart Clip
    • Pros: Small, compact, reliable, easily dual-wielded, classic blaster
    • Cons: It comes with a measly six dart clip, it doesn’t come with another Stryfe for free
    • Nerf Stryfe Full Review

    Rating: Rated: 4.5

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  • nerf elite flywheel blasters


    • Nerf N-Strike Elite Rayven CS-18
    • Batteries: 7 AA batteries
    • Range: Up to 75 ft
    • Ammo: 18-dart Quick Reload Clip
    • Pros: Glow in the dark darts, with custom light-charging Firefly clip
    • Cons: Hard trigger pull, no stock attachment point, requires separate batteries for clip
    • Nerf Rayven Full Review

    Rating: Rated: 4.5

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  • nerf elite flywheel blasters


    • Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1
    • Batteries: 4 AA batteries
    • Range: Up to 90 ft
    • Ammo: 10-dart Banana Clip
    • Pros: Under barrel foam grenade launcher, stock with grenade holder, banana clip
    • Cons: All orange paint scheme, grenade launcher not detachable,
    • Nerf Demolisher Full Review

    Rating: Rated: 4

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  • Nerf Cam

    • Nerf N-Strike Elite Nerf Cam ECS-12
    • Batteries: 8 AA batteries
    • Range: Up to 90 ft
    • Ammo: 12-dart Clip
    • Pros: Built in video camera/microphone, good rate-of-fire, unique color scheme.
    • Cons: Overpriced, built in stock can’t be removed or adjusted, no barrel extension points, low quality camera
    • Nerf Cam Full Review

    Rating: Rated: 3.5

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8 thoughts on “Nerf Elite Flywheel Blasters

    1. I left that out because it’s really in a class of its own… Or it was when I wrote this stuff, anyway. Some of those new blasters that are coming out will match up nicely against the Rapidstrike… I’ll do a new comparison then. Hope you come back to check it out

  1. How did can end up here? And demolisher is a stryfe + rockets so why did stryfe get a higher rating? And don’t say because everyone else says so. Lol.

    1. The CAM just got lucky, lol. I basically just listed all of the semi-auto flywheel blasters that I had at the time. The Stryfe is an all-time great and it wins just because of how versatile and adaptable it is. The Demolisher is great, but it’s big and bulky.

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