nerf elite spring blasters

Nerf Elite Spring Blasters

Before there were the flywheelers, there were the springers. The original N-Strike Elite all-stars. These Nerf Elite spring blasters use powerful springs and plunger tubes to propel darts out of the barrel. You must prime the blaster each time before you fire. Load your blaster, cock it back, and then let loose. It doesn’t take too long and you’ll never have to worry about running out of batteries. No batteries dying mid-battle, no more trips to the store to buy more batteries. No more expensive batteries, period. Just the basics, pure and simple. So, let’s take a look at some of the top Nerf Elite spring blasters on the market right now. I will compare and contrast four of the best models available for purchase. Here we go.

  • nerf elite spring blasters

    Nerf Longshot

    • Nerf Longshot CS-12
    • Priming Mechanism: Bolt Action
    • Range: Up to 40 ft
    • Ammo: 12-dart Clip
    • Pros: The legendary Longshot blaster has one of the largest direct plungers in the game and, when modded, can harness the full capabilities of its monstrous power.
    • Cons: Basically everything else. The Longshot is a repaint of an old original N-Strike blaster by the same name. The internals are unchanged and its stock firing range is highly limited. Requires modding to be effective.

    Rating: Rated: 3.5

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  • Nerf Elite Retaliator

    Nerf Elite Retaliator

    • Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator
    • Priming Mechanism: Pistol Slide
    • Range: Up to 75 ft
    • Ammo: 12-dart Clip
    • Pros: The Retaliator at its base is a clip-fed pistol blaster. It includes a shoulder stock, extended barrel, and vertical foregrip in the package which turn it into an assault rifle.
    • Cons: The cocking slide is inefficient, as it is inconveniently placed for peak efficiency. It requires either three hands, or for your lead hand to move from the foregrip to the pistol slide and back again.

    Rating: Rated: 4

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  • Nerf Alpha Trooper

    Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper

    • Nerf N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12
    • Priming Mechanism: Slide Action
    • Range: Up to 75 ft
    • Ammo: 12-dart Clip
    • Pros: The EAT is one of the best spring powered blasters there is. Featuring Slam-Fire and a perfectly placed slide action handgrip, the EAT can’t be stopped.
    • Cons: For a Slam-Fire blaster, 12 darts can go by pretty quickly, like in less than 7 seconds. Also, it seems to have been discontinued, as it’s extremely hard to find an Elite Alpha Trooper at stores in the US nowadays.

    Rating: Rated: 4.5

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  • Nerf Elite Rampage

    • Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage
    • Priming Mechanism: Pump Action
    • Range: Up to 75 ft
    • Ammo: 25-dart Drum
    • Pros: The Rampage couldn’t have a more befitting name. This blaster is the Slam-Fire King and it belts out foam darts at alarming rates of fire. Firing is made easy by the great foregrip handle.
    • Cons: The Rampage’s predecessor, the Raider RF, included a shoulder stock and a larger 35-dart drum clip. Some might feel the Rampage is a lesser value since it lacks those attachments, but retails for the same price as the Raider.

    Rating: Rated: 5

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