Fake Nerf Guns Here!

nerf firestrike knockoff blaze storm hot fire

Fake Nerf Guns Everywhere

fake nerf guns nerf firestrike cloneImitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery.


Imitation. Some would say it is the sincerest of flattery. Me? I’d say it was artless and unoriginal. But what do I know? The picture up above is the Blaze Storm Hot Fire. No, it is not the Nerf Firestrike. No, Nerf did not make this blaster. It’s part of a growing number of fake Nerf guns. Crazy, isn’t it? Why hasn’t Hasbro sicced a team of rabid rottweilers on this company by now? Let’s take another look.:

Nerf Firestrikenerf firestrike clone fake nerf guns

Coincidence? No, that’s no coincidence. That was intentional. These two blasters are nearly identical. Usually there is a market for this kind of stuff because the knockoff severely undercuts the price of the original item. But with Nerf? Nerf blasters are already generally pretty cheap. And these two blasters are usually selling for about the same price. Click the two pics above to compare the prices on Amazon. You’ll see that it’s actually selling for more right now. Even if the Hot Fire was cheaper, do you really want to save a few dollars to get an inferior product? Can you really justify the purchase of fake Nerf guns? I don’t know, maybe. Let’s take a look at another Blaze Storm blaster.:

blaze storm shot gun nerf knockoff nerf rough cut fake nerf gunsNerf Rough Cut

This time they have cloned the Nerf Rough Cut shotgun. I think they did a much better job with the Hot Fire. The name of that one is funny and it has a better design. These fake Nerf guns are just referred to as “shot gun” and feature a more angular, “futuristic” design than the Rough Cut. It looks so bad and cheap. But what should I expect? These guys are ruthless with their knockoffs. The only half decent thing on this one is the pump-action grip. But if you thought that was the end, you haven’t seen anything yet. Check this one out.:

nerf stockade            nerf knockoff blaze storm revolver fake nerf guns

On the left is the N-Strike Elite version of the Nerf Barricade. On the right, we have the Nerf knockoff version of the Nerf Barricade. Let’s look at this fake Nerf guns for a second. It still has the “Barricade RV-10” writing on it for crying out loud! They have no shame whatsoever man, I’m telling you. I’d say this one was changed the least from its original design at Nerf to its new life amongst a sea of fake Nerf guns. Hasbro must really be more generous than I thought. But wait, don’t get out of your seat yet, it gets even better. Check out the upgraded version to this Blaze Storm revolver.:

fake nerf guns blaze storm revolver upgrade

Wow! This is the Blaze Storm “Barricade” again, but with all the bells and whistles this time. This upgraded model is the Cadillac of fake Nerf guns. This thing is a fake Nerf guns Rolls Royce. This is the same revolver from the last pic, but with some fake Nerf gun attachments to go with the fake Nerf guns. This model has all of the old Nerf Recon attachments. It has the Recon/Retaliator extended barrel. It has the Recon underbarrel laser/light. It has the Nerf Recon flip up sight. And it has the Recon stock too. This is madness. I can’t believe Hasbro doesn’t have a problem with this. I really can’t. Maybe they can’t really do anything about it because they’re based out of China? I don’t know. But, that’s all for this one. Tell me how you really feel, down below in the comments. Are these fake Nerf guns cool? Or not? What do you think?


12 thoughts on “Fake Nerf Guns Here!

  1. I own the Rough Cut fake and it actually performs better than the real thing, it’s a real nice gun. Feels solid too, not as solid as a real Nerf gun but more than good enough.

    1. That’s cool to hear — So that means it’s probably better than a Buzz Bee blaster, haha. The pricing on these things has been equal to or sometimes more expensive than the actual Nerf gun, so I don’t think I’ll be testing one out too soon unfortunately

      But, Thanks for commenting!

  2. Herr in Tasmania the Fire Strike was selling for $20 at one point and the Blaze Storm at only $3 so for us it was a major difference price wise. In terms of performance though it is absolutely terrible, maybe 15 feet and all the darts were warped on opening the box up.

    For $3 you definitely get what you pay for is all I can say.

  3. I bought a firestrike knock off last week for 6 Euro.
    The plastic (around the dart holding front) is okay,yet of lower quality than a Nerf and holds some potential harming edges (around the dart holding front).

    Rangewise it performs like this:

    shooting flat (not angled) with the included darts: between 6-12 meters
    shooting flat (not angled) with elite nerf darts: 14-16 meters
    shooting flat (not angled) with hard tip china darts (Prut darts):8-14 meters (If the air resrictor doesn´t push them loose before you manage to pull the trigger)

    Grouping wise, well say so: With the elite nerf darts i had the best result, no dramatic break outs, all went towards the direction i was aiming at… in a fairly straight line.

    Accuracy: We talking about foam blaster, not guns!

    Consistency: 14-16 meters in a fairly straight line, may the best i can say about it…with elite darts!

    If someone could post some measurments and results of the original it would be helpful and great information.

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