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May The Fourth Be With You!

When you think of Star Wars, the blasters they use may not be the first thing to come to mind. However, in light of today being Star Wars Day, I thought I’d go over some of the Hasbro Star Wars Nerf blasters that are currently available to purchase in the market. Now, outside of any Jedi Knights and Sith Lords, who is the coolest character in all of the Star Wars universe? Jar Jar Binks? No way! Han Solo? Maybe. A lot of people would say bounty hunter Boba Fett, though. And What does Boba Fett use? That’s right, Blasters!

And use them he did. Boba Fett the Bounty Hunter was an excellent marksman and sharpshooter. He was an expert at dual wielding blasters, too. He also carried an impressive amount of blasters and weaponry on his person at all times. He was like a walking armory, truly a one man army. In our ultimate goal of emulating the coolest Star Wars character, let’s go over some of the Hasbro Star Wars blaster offerings, one by one.

Hasbro Star Wars Rebels Stormtrooper Blaster

Hasbro Star Wars Rebels Stormtrooper Blaster


The Hasbro Star Wars Rebel Stormtrooper blaster is quite the movie replica. It’s also a pretty decent Nerf blaster overall. Complete with a folding stock, built in scope, and removable barrel extension. It comes with 3 Elite darts, which must be front loaded(or into the top of the barrel extension if that’s attached). It fires at ranges of 20-25 feet, on par with traditional N-Strike blasters and comparable to other movie licensed blasters from Hasbro. This would make a perfect prop or cosplay gun.

Hasbro Star Wars Captain Rex Electronic Blaster

hasbro Star Wars Captain Rex electronic Blaster


Ready to “amp” things up? Pick up the Hasbro Star Wars Captain Rex Electronic Blaster. Featuring aspects from both a foam dart blaster and an electronic lights and sound toy gun, the Captain Rex is the best of both worlds. When you pull the trigger, the barrel flashes with blue lights and authentic Star Wars blaster firing sounds are emitted. There are 3 darts are included with the blaster. You front load a dart and then cock back the priming handle on the right side of the blaster. The Captain Rex blaster fires one dart at a time. It requires 3 AAA batteries, which are surprisingly included in the box.

Hasbro Star Wars Rebel Trooper Electronic Blaster

hasbro star wars rebel trooper blaster


Here we have another cool looking Hasbro Star Wars electronic blaster. This one is called the Rebel Trooper blaster. This is another electronic blaster which requires 2 AA batteries to operate. Once again, the batteries are included with the blaster. That’s something that just doesn’t happen anymore these days. It does not make sounds, however. The scope looking attachment on top of the blaster is actually a red light beam that activates as you pull the trigger. Pretty cool. It also fires darts. It comes with three of them, though you fire one at a time.

Hasbro Star Wars Nerf Blaster Roundup

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There are quite a few Hasbro Star Wars Nerf blasters out there in the wild. There are many repaints of the Captain Rex style blaster, with or without an electronic light and sound show. There are mini, Jolt derivative Star Wars blasters. There are a lot of blasters that show that good things happen when there is a Hasbro Star Wars crossover. However, most of these blasters are not Elite class guns. You would most definitely get slaughtered if you took any one of these to a Nerf War. You might be praised for a cool looking blaster, but you’ll still be slaughtered. So, there’s some food for thought.

One More Thing…

hasbro star wars boba fett blaster This is the Hasbro Star Wars EE-3 Blaster/Carbine Rifle. It’s a replica light and sound effects blaster toy, modeled after the weapon used by Boba Fett himself. This thing doesn’t even shoot darts. It’s not a foam dart blaster and I still thought it was cool enough to mention real quick. I’m going to have to commission someone to make me an EE-3 Sledgefire or Slingfire mod or something. That’s it, folks! Hasbro Star Wars out!

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