Holiday Shopping Season

holiday shopping seasons

Is It Time? (Holiday Shopping Season)

It’s that time of the year again. Not just Christmas (or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa), but also the very end of the Holiday Shopping Season. The Holiday Shopping Season generally takes place from Black Friday to Super Saturday. This is the final week to order online and hope to receive your gifts before the end of the holiday. All of the procrastination comes to a head, now. Get all of your last minute purchases in immediately. Not now. Right now. Don’t let young Johnny wake up to an empty spot under the tree. And no, little Erica won’t accept an order confirmation number as an I.O.U.

Indecision: The Enemy of Progress.

If you’re on the fence about what to get, let me offer up some suggestions. If you’re on my website, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you’re considering buying a Nerf blaster. I’ll tell you some of the hottest items to lay under your Christmas tree this year. Don’t come up empty handed this holiday shopping season. Listen to me and buy one of these items. You can smile now, and thank me later.

That’s So Hot Right Now.

Here. We. Go. I’ll detail for you a couple of optimum package deals. I have personally created these packages myself. Based on reviews and sales data, these are the hottest Nerf items this holiday shopping season. You’re welcome.

nerf demolisher1. The Nerf Demolisher Explosive Package:

                                                 Total: Approx $60.

Nerf Rayven2. The Nerf Rayven Glow Package:

Total: Approx $50.

Nerf Rapidstrike3. The Nerf Rapidstrike Rapid Reload Package:

                                                   Total: Approx $60

Nerf Elite Strongarm4. The Nerf Strongarm Double Package:

                                                   Total: Approx $45.

Nerf Rebelle Bow5. The Nerf Rebelle Pink Ladies Package:

Total: Approx $35.

 Holiday Shopping Season Knockout.

Well, there you have it. Once again, I’ve done it. Holiday Shopping Season, made easy. We knocked it out of the park. So, heed my advice. Pick one of these bundles, or something similar, and order it now. Okay? Okay. Ordering from Amazon is the easiest way. They have free shipping on lots of items and the shipping is fast. They can also let you know before you order if your package will arrive before the holidays. That’s all, folks. I’m signing off. Good luck to you and may you and your family have a happy holiday.

Note: Amazon prices fluctuate rapidly. It’s best to buy quickly when you see an item fall way below list price, as the price may spring back up without warning. Prices current at the time of writing this article, but you’ll have to click through to Amazon for the current prices today.

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