Huge NERF Sale, Today Only!

nerf blaster sale

Just a quick update to let you guys know that Amazon is having a sale on NERF guns today! Up to 50% off select Nerf blasters! This is a pretty awesome sale and has a pretty wide selection of blasters to choose from. Check it out!!! Here’s the link to the sale page: Amazon NERF Deal of the Day.

Here are some of the notable items from the sale:

The Nerf Crossbolt, the unique clip-fed, bull pup, crossbow  with real string powered crossbow bolt-action blasting! This was hard to find a little while ago and now it’s fully stocked and on sale. Marvelous!












First we had the Nerf Demolisher with the underbarrel foam “grenade” launcher. Then we complained that we didn’t have a stand alone or detachable launcher attachment. Well, Nerf gave us this. Not quite what we asked for, but close. Look at that cool looking stock!












The Mega CycloneShock needs no introduction. Take the Nerf Strongarm and give it some steroids and you’ll get the Cyclone. Very awesome blaster!













Likewise, take the Jolt and beef it up and you’ve got the BigShock, which might as well have been called the Nerf Mega Jolt anyway. Feels great in the hand and has on-board dart storage above the barrel!













Take the Strongarm again, this time hack it open and add a whole second cylinder. Give it a very smooth cylinder-rotating mechanism and you’re good to go!










Tired of only playing Duck Hunt with your NES Zapper? Then get the SharpFire blaster, where you can play Duck Hunt in real life, with Nerf darts!














Last but not least we come to one of my favorite Nerf blasters overall and definitely my favorite secondary/sidearm blaster. The most easily dual-wielded (non-flywheel) Nerf guns, the Nerf Hammershot! Grab two!











The thing I like about this sale is that they are all great Nerf blasters! All of them. I’d sit here and buy every single one if I could. (And I might…). Now is also the perfect time to sign up for a FREE trial of Amazon Prime, so you can get Free 2-Day Shipping on everything in this sale! They’re also having a Prime Only “Black Friday in July” sale on the 15th, too. You can fully participate in the sale with just a Prime Trial, so have at it!


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