Marvel Nerf Blasters

avengers age of ultron marvel nerf blasters

With the upcoming release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron (if you haven’t seen the original, pick it up here), I thought now would be the perfect time to look back at some of the officially branded Marvel Nerf blasters that Hasbro has released over the years. And there have been more than a few.

Marvel Nerf Blasters: Avengers Hawkeye Bow.

avengers hawkeye bow marvel nerf blasters

nerf big bad bowLet’s just start things off with a bang and jump right into my favorite of the Marvel Nerf blasters, the illustrious Avengers Hawkeye Bow. Now this bow is nothing new, it’s actually just a rebranded Nerf Big Bad Bow with a new paint job. But that doesn’t make it any less awesome. And legendary. If you haven’t snagged one of these already, it might be tough to procure one right now. Hawkeye’s Bow, like the original Big Bad Bow, has become something of a lost relic. Good luck, though. Try eBay. They also have the newer Avengers Assemble Hawkeye Longshot Bow, but it is tiny and basically a Jolt Bow and Arrow.

Marvel Nerf Blasters: Stark Industries N.R.F. 425.

iron man marvel nerf blasters

iron man marvel nerf blastersNext, let’s take a look at some Iron Man inspired Marvel Nerf blasters. This blaster above, the NRF 425, is a repainted version of the Magstrike AS-10. That blaster, was an old rapid fire blaster that was powered by air pressure. You would pump it up before firing, like the old Super Soakers. It also, at least in part, inspired the BoomCo Rapid Madness blaster from Mattel. Outside of the US, there was a very different version of the NRF 425. It was a recolored Nerf Firefly instead of a Magstrike. The color scheme was much more authentic, featuring red and gold with gray for the metal mechanical pieces. They also have the Iron Man Arc Gauntlet, a motorized Vortex disc firing arm blaster.

Marvel Nerf Blasters: Cap America Stealthfire Shield.

marvel nerf blasters stealthfire shield

capamericakidOkay, from the old school to the new school. Let’s go. I don’t know when Captain America had blasters inside of his shield, but Nerf doesn’t care. Now he has blasters inside of his shield. With a pull of the back handle, the inner circle of his shield pops up and 4 barrels emerge from out of nowhere. To fire, squeeze red firing handle up front. This is a pretty novel toy for a kid. They also have the Super Soldier Battle Helmet and Recon Rangefinder. Since when was Captain America so high tech?


Marvel Nerf Blasters: Thor and The Hulk.


thors hammer mjolnirOkay, yeah, so right. Thor and The Hulk don’t use blasters. Too bad. Well, not a total loss. Hasbro has made some melee weapons for these two. You can get Thor’s sword and his winged helmet. You can also get The Hulk’s fists. Make every person (or God) seem puny with the Marvel Avengers Hulk Gamma Grip Fists. Slip them on and it’s clobbering time! Wait, wait, wrong character. I know. Hulk smash! Also, Mjolnir.

Marvel Nerf Blasters: Guardians of the Galaxy.

marvel nerf blasters star lord quad blaster

marvel nerf blasters star lord quad blaster openTime for the new age Marvel Nerf blasters now. Fresh off the release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Nerf released a couple of themed Nerf blasters. The coolest one is this Star Lord Quad Blaster. It’s a good replica of the blaster used in that film, too. I know some people that bought it just because of that fact. There are four barrels, hence the name, and you can fire two darts at a time. Two fire from the two outer barrels, you must press the secondary trigger that’s inside the handguard. This will make the blaster shell pop back and expose the other two barrels. marvel nerf blasters star lord battle gearThis is a very cool action and it is very smooth. I love this blaster just for that. On the other hand, this blaster is on par with the old N-Strike blasters and fires less than 30 feet. Modders are welcome, though. Also, there is the Star Lord Battle Gear set.

Marvel Nerf Bonus!

marvel nerf wolverinemarvel nerf wolverine

Just for fun, check out these awesome Wolverine Claws. Made out of Nerf foam, there’s no need to worry about hurting anybody when you do your berserker barrage. You can’t hurt babies or old people. (Note: Please do NOT hit babies with these claws.) These things are just as cool as they look and they’re a lot of fun to play around with. Downside is they are sold individually, but as a positive they are pretty cheap. Check them out!

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