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An accessory is defined as “a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.” Nerf accessories fit this description perfectly. They span a wide range of products from stocks and barrels to slings and holsters. I’ve already covered attachments in an earlier post, so I’ll try to focus more on other things here. I’ll go over different ammo types and clips, holsters and slings. I’ll also cover storage and tactical garb. 


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A good supply of darts is mandatory. Darts are the most fundamental accessory you can have. You can have all the firepower you want, but without any ammunition it is hopelessly inert. You will lose them, too. That, I can guarantee. You could shoot 10 darts straight down at your feet. You’re only going to find 7 of them, max. I think some of them evaporate or something. I’m kidding, but you get the drift. These things are easy to misplace. So you’ll need a large supply. Mostly what you’ll find on the market today are Elite Darts. These darts are most fully compatible with all current blasters. Elite Darts are also backwards compatible with some older weapons.

Elite darts are available in a few different variations:


Nerf Accessories - Clips/Magazines

Elite Hail-Fire 4 Clip Upgrade Kit, from


Magazines (Clips) are a way to store your Nerf darts for quick reload and rapid fire. Nerf clips attach to your blaster by insertion into a magwell. They feed ammunition directly into the chamber, as needed. There are a lot of clip-fed blasters in the stores today, so you’ll want to become familiar with them. Clips offer an added cool factor and increase the versatility of Nerf guns. Your main blaster will be a lot more useful if you don’t have to reload it every 30 seconds. For this reason, a lot of people will choose a clip-fed blaster to use as their primary blaster in Nerf Wars.

Nerf Clips come in a few different capacities:


Nerf Accessories - Bandolier

Pick this kit up on Amazon right now and become the Rambo of Nerf!


Bandoliers have got to be one of the coolest Nerf accessories out there. When I first saw them, I imagined myself as Nerf Rambo, with two of these bandoliers across my chest. The Elite Bandolier Kit comes with two 6-dart clips and twenty-four Elite Darts. The bandolier can hold another 2 clips and up to 12 individual darts. You can wear one or two of these across your chest like Rambo would. Or you can use this as a sling strap, attaching it to one of your Nerf blasters directly.

Storage and Transport

Nerf Accessories - Transport Door

Okay, so you have all of these darts and clips. You have more than a few blasters. Maybe you even have a bandolier or two. That’s great. But what do you do with all of this stuff when it’s not in use? First up, we have the Nerf Elite Transport Door and Storage. It is made of a durable canvas-like material. It can roll out flat and be hung on the back of a door to showcase your blasters. It has three different spots to hold guns and two different areas with pouches or pockets for small items.

Nerf Accessories - Nerf Pouch

Next, we take a look at the Nerf Elite Utility Pouch. It is a little bag for carrying spare ammo. You can fit a whole heap of darts in this thing. You can also fit about five Nerf clips inside and it holds 12 darts on the outside of the pouch. On the back of the pouch, there is a Velcro strap to allow you to connect it to your belt or some other Nerf gear. It’s also available as part of a set with a leg holster. Check it out: Nerf Ammo Pouch & Hip Holster.

Nerf Accessories - Target PouchThere exists another pouch accessory called the Nerf Elite Target Pouch. It looks similar to the other pouch, but has a Target on the front with a hole in the center. You can fire off shots at the pouch for target practice. If you make your shot, the dart will go right inside of the pouch. You can hang the pouch up on hooks or various other places to make target practice a little more interesting.

Nerf Accessories - Blaster SleeveFinally, we come to our last of the Nerf accessories, the Nerf Elite Blaster Sleeve. It allows you to carry up to two blasters, strapped to your back or over your shoulder. It has adjustable Velcro straps to accommodate blasters of different sizes. It really looks cool and I feel like it is pretty functional as well.


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