Nerf Alpha Trooper XD

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When I did the Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper review, I spoke of it rising from the flames like a Phoenix…. Well, the more things change the more they stay the same.

nerf alpha trooper xd

Image Courtesy of Gavin Fuzzy. Head over to his Facebook page to check out more pics.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to the Nerf Alpha Trooper XD.

Orange is quite the suitable color for a blaster that manages to keep raising itself from the flames, isn’t it? First was the yellow N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18, then the N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper with it’s perfect Elite blue paintjob. Then, like many of the best blasters on the Nerf lineup, it just disappeared. If you look on Amazon or eBay right now, the Elite Alpha Trooper is selling for a price high above its original retail price. The Elite Alpha Trooper was officially a relic, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to get your hands on one. Just when all hope was lost, from the Far East, something of a miracle occurred. A wild Nerf Alpha Trooper XD appeared…

nerf alpha trooper xd


The Nerf Alpha Trooper XD

What we have here is an Elite XD blaster, capable of ranges in excess of 85 feet. It still retains all of the trademark features from the original and Elite iterations of the Alpha Trooper. That includes that amazingly awesome priming grip, too. It’s decked out in all orange, like the Demolisher or the newer model of the Stryfe, which are both XD blasters as well. Not only that, but this Alpha Trooper XD comes in as part of a kit. The kit includes two 6-dart clips, the folding Spectre stock, and 12 darts. So we see that the Alpha Trooper XD is now technically the Nerf N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper CS-6. The Alpha Trooper is one of the best blasters on the whole Nerf lineup, but it keeps getting stuck with smaller and smaller clips. From 18 to 12 to now a miserable 6. Also, I appreciate the kit, but the Spectre stock really isn’t that great. It’s a very cool idea to have a folding stock, but in real life it’s flimsy and unstable. Looks cool, though. Anyways, what do you think? Are you excited for the second coming of the Alpha Trooper? Are you ready to get your hands on this bad boy? Are you relieved that you might not have to scour the interwebs searching for this blaster anymore? Let me know how you really feel down below in the comments section.

Note: The Alpha Trooper XD was released in Singapore. There is no confirmation when or if it will release anywhere else.
Source: All images, unless otherwise noted, are courtesy of fellow Nerf site Awesomely Nerf.

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