Nerf Apollo Akimbo (Dual Wield Rival Blasters)

nerf apollo akimbo firing test

Okay guys, this is just a quick update to show you the benefits of performing the mods I completed in my Nerf Apollo Mod Guide (article/video).

Akimbo Nerf Apollo Blasters, FTW

Okay, the mods that I performed on my Nerf Apollo have had several benefits. For one, it jams less. And, even when it jams, the jams have been easily cleared just by cycling the priming handle. Secondly, it allows you to dual wield the Nerf Apollo blasters with ease. You’ll see both of these techniques performed in the video up above. Alternatively, you can keep reading here and I will post a few screenshots and talk about what’s happening. (I’d read the article first and then check out the video right after.)

How to Dual Wield the Nerf Apollo Blasters.:

nerf apollo akimbo firing test

I don’t think I need to say that you need to actually buy a couple of Nerf Rival Apollo blasters to dual wield them… Do I?

Step 1: Mod your Nerf Apollo.


nerf rival apollo mod guide new nerf blaster installing the breech return spring

If you wish to effectively dual-wield your Nerf Apollo blasters, it’s pretty much mandatory that you perform the steps I take in my mod guide. Sure, it’s possible to dual wield without the mods, but… You really won’t be doing too well. So, make life easier and mod your blaster.

Step 2: Load the Nerf Apollo…

nerf apollo loading

Just a quick tip for loading the Nerf Apollo blaster. I know what you’re thinking, “of course you have to load it!” How else are you going to shoot it, right? But this is a quick pro tip. First, I’m sure you know the best way to load the high impact rounds into the magazine, but… Did you know that the Nerf Apollo has an ammo capacity of  7 + 1? Load the Nerf Apollo magazine to its capacity of 7 rounds. Then, cock back the priming handle. This will load one round into the chamber. Next, remove the magazine again. Load another round into the magazine and reinsert it. Now, you have a full 7 rounds in the magazine and 1 in the chamber, ready to fire. 7 + 1!

Step 3: Decide How to Prime the Nerf Apollo blasters…

nerf apollo prime

There are a few different ways to prime the modded Nerf Apollo when you’re holding two of them. In the beginning of my video, I prime them one by one. I use my middle finger and thumb to grab the priming handle on the opposite blaster and cock it back. When I release it, it goes back forward by itself, completing the prime. This is all thanks to my mod. I do this only to show off my auto return priming handle. This would not be a recommended method for priming the Nerf Apollo when you are dual-wielding. This is a method you would use if you didn’t have my mods.

Method 1: 

nerf apollo prime

It’s a terrible picture, but this is the first method. I use the Nerf Apollo blasters to prime each other. I put the two priming handles face to face and let them hook into each other, and then I just push them together and slide the blasters against each other.

Method 2:

nerf apollo pocket prime

Another terrible picture, ripped straight from my video. With this method, I hook the priming handles into the pockets of my jeans and just push down until I hear the click that signifies the end of the prime and then when I pull the Nerf Apollo blasters up to shoot, the priming handle returns automatically.

There are obviously pros and cons with each priming method and so I recommend experimenting with both and any other method you can think of. Just try everything until you find what suits you best. That’s it! » Hey guys! Blee here with another fun little Nerf gun video. This time, I take my red and blue Nerf Rival Apollo blasters outside and see if I can fire them both at the same time. Dual-Wield, baby!


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