Nerf Arsenal: My 2015 Nerf Collection

nerf arsenal 2015 nerf collection

People love Nerf arsenal videos. I get asked all the time how many Nerf blasters I have. They want to know exactly which ones I have. People always want to see videos of my collection, laid out in front of their eyes. Today, they will get their wishes granted. Today, they will get my Nerf Arsenal video.

nerf arsenal 2015 nerf collection

Nerf Arsenal: The 2015 Nerf Collection.

Alright, so here’s the story. A while ago on my Instagram, I promised everyone I would do an arsenal video sometime before the end of the year. I totally thought I’d have my pegboard setup all ready to go by that time, but I was totally wrong. But, not wanting to go back on my word, I quickly threw together an arsenal video going over my entire collection. Maybe “quick” was the wrong choice of words because it was an excruciatingly long video where I painstakingly pick up every blaster and babble about it for a few sentences. If you manage to make it through this entire video, you are amazing! Or, at least, you have an amazingly high tolerance level. Check it out!

Don’t worry, guys. Next years video will be a lot better(and a whole lot shorter). Scout’s Honor.

What’s In All Those Boxes?!

nerf arsenal 2015 nerf collection

What’s in those boxes? Nerf blasters. A lot of Nerf blasters. A whole bunch. You can find everything from the Nerf Jolt to the Nerf Doominator in those boxes. This is the way I actually store all of my stuff right now. I don’t really have anywhere else to put them and this is the best way I could come up with to organize them. So, yeah, cardboard boxes for the win, I guess? This is not a permanent solution, don’t worry about that. I still fully plan on acquiring a bunch of pegboard and stuff like that, so I guess we’ll see what the future holds.

Nerf Arsenal Final Thoughts and Opinions.:

So this is more of a “What I learned from this experience” segment. And what I learned was that my collection is a total mess and I need some organization in my life! Pegboard, where are you?! I also learned that I should manage my time a little better. Rushing this video left me with no time to do more than a couple of takes and next to no time left to actually edit the video. I so desperately wanted to get the video out on time for you guys that I cut more than a few corners and came out with a finished product that wasn’t as good as I knew it could be. For that, I sincerely apologize. Sorry guys! However, I don’t like to wallow, so all this did was give me motivation for the next arsenal video! One thing in the video that I felt was done the right way was how I broke down the video into segments. Pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, rifles, special class weapons. That was a good idea, I think. I will leave a few links down below to Amazon with all the blasters I currently own (if Amazon has them in stock anyway). Check it out! Also, be sure to swing by my YouTube channel and tell me what you think of the video, too. Thanks for reading and/or watching, everyone!

Nerf Arsenal Breakdown by Class.:

nerf elite strongarm

Pistols or Handguns: Click to see all of my Nerf blaster pistols in a list format at


Shotguns, Break and Pump Action: Click to see my multi-shot madness Nerf blasters at Amazon.


SMGs or Submachine Guns: Click to see my submachine Nerf blasters in a list at

nerf elite retaliator

Rifles or Carbines: Click to see my collection of Nerf blaster battle rifles over at

nerf crossbolt

Special Class Weapons: Click to discover which kinds of Nerf blasters make up this section of the list.

nerf swords chainsaw

Nerf Gun Attachments: Click here to take a look at my accessories and attachments at Amazon. Note: lots of these attachments aren’t sold separately, so you’ll have to buy the entire blaster to get these pieces.



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