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A Word About Nerf Attachments

nerf elite retaliator

“The best part of Nerfing up, is attachments on your butt(stock).”

Inside this post lies one of the reasons that Nerf has managed to stay so far above it’s competition. Nerf attachments. It’s why I made this website and named it as such. It’s also the main reason that I favor Nerf above all others. Nerf has enabled add-on attachment accessories on their weapons. These Nerf attachments are connected by way of one or more Tactical Rail Mounts. Just like real weapons, these tactical rail mounts allow for aftermarket application of all different kinds of attachments. Nerf has created many Nerf attachments over the years. There were all kinds of sights and scopes, stocks and barrels. Here’s a list.:

Sights and Scopes, Stocks and Barrels, Oh My!

  • Blast Shield
  • CenterFire Tech Electronic Scope
  • Clear Shot/Shot Blast Scope
  • Demolisher Stock
  • Hydro Cannon Shield
  • Lightning Storm Shield
  • Lightning Storm Stock
  • Longshot Barrel Extension/Front Gun
  • Longshot Scope
  • Longstrike Barrel Extension
  • Longstrike Flip-Up Sight
  • Nitron Shield
  • Praxis Stock
  • Recon/Retaliator Barrel Extension
  • Recon Flip-Up Sight
  • Recon Laser Light Unit
  • Recon Shoulder Stock
  • Raider/Shot Blast Stock
  • Retaliator Stock
  • Tactical Scope
  • Retaliator Assault Grip
  • Spectre “Silencer” Barrel Extension
  • Spectre Stock
  • Stockade Stock

Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be too many of these attachments available on the market at the present time. Not for a reasonable price, anyway. And most of these attachments were never sold separately to begin with. Most of this list is comprised of Nerf attachments that only came packaged with Nerf guns. Bummer. We can, however, go over what we have here today. Check out a few of these official Nerf Attachments down below.:

Is that a Red Dot Sight?

Nerf Attachments - Pinpoint Sight

Grab one of these cool Nerf sights before they’re all gone!

First up is this amazing Nerf Elite Pinpoint Sight. They look really great, top notch. I love the way they make the Nerf gun look. Tacticool, for sure. For some reason, though, they don’t seem to be too readily available in the United States. So if I were you, (I’m not, but if I was), I would jump in quick and grab a couple just in case. As their availability dwindles, the price is sure to go up. This sight has a really great look, in my opinion, and it reminds me of staring down the reflex sight in a Call of Duty video game. There is an actual red dot in the sight, too. It is powered by a pair of AAA batteries. The Nerf Elite Pinpoint Sight fits on any standard Nerf gun tactical rail mount. This is one of my favorite Nerf attachments, period.

I can put my iPhone where?

Nerf Attachments - Elite Battle AppNext up, we have a couple of tactical rail mount Nerf attachments that actually hold your iPhone or iPod and attaches it to the top of your blaster! You can put your phone in there and record your battles with the free Nerf Mission App (or Nerf Rebelle Mission Central app), or you can just have it record through the camera without using the app. On top of that, I’m sure you can find some other augmented reality shooting games that you can use with this on the Apple App Store. You can use it as a sight and since the iPhone camera will be off to one side, you can use it to peak corners. Check them out, here: Nerf N-Strike Elite Battle App Tactical Rail Mount attachment or the Nerf Rebelle Mission Central Application Rail Mount attachment for Nerf Rebelle blasters.

Other Nerf Attachments Remnants.

recon light beam nerf attachmentsIf you look on Amazon, you can also find a few older attachments, sold by sellers on the Amazon Marketplace. Right now, you can find the old N-Strike Light Beam attachment. This item is cool because you can adjust the focus of the light to basically switch between a flashlight or a focused laser beam. On the other hand, it is N-Strike Yellow, which doesn’t mesh well with the color of current blasters. Another item you can find online right now is the old Raider stock. This is the shoulder stock attachment for the Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35, the predecessor of the Elite Rampage. This is a really great adjustable shoulder stock. It is sturdy and it looks cool, too. Luckily, the raider stock nerf attachmentsRaider blaster had a blue coloring when it was released, so the Raider stock is blue, too. This allows it to better match up with other Nerf attachments and the blasters themselves.

Third Party Nerf Attachments.

Outside of buying an entire blaster, the above items are just about all you can find to purchase separately to add on to your Nerf gun. Luckily, a few different companies have stepped up to fill the void left by Nerf in the attachment sector. These aftermarket Nerf attachments are all made and manufactured, usually using 3D printing, by third party companies. Let’s do a quick rundown of all of the major players in the Nerf attachments business today.

orange mod works nerf attachments companyOrange Mod Works.:

Orange Mod Works is the King of easy all-in-one modkit packages. One order from them, and you’ll have everything you need to mod your blaster. They release leveled kits, usually ranging from Stage 1 to Stage 3 or Final Stage levels. They only cover a limited amount of blasters, with some of their selections still covering the original N-Strike blasters. Recently, they’ve started to sell pre-modded blasters. However, their popularity has gotten the best of them and they are sometimes unable to keep up with the demand of their product. This means delayed shipping, availability, and overwhelmed customer service reps. They even have an Amazon Store.

orange mod works nerf attachments and modifications

SlyDev 3D Store nerf attachments companySlyDev 3D Store.:

SlyDev is the King of Tacticool. When I first stumbled across the SlyDev Store, I couldn’t believe my eyes. They had picatinny rail mounts that attached to existing Nerf rails. They also made flat rail mounts that you could affix anywhere on your Nerf blaster. The look of the products was phenomenal. I could really tell that they were well designed and expertly crafted. Their BanditFox logo is pretty cool looking and is totally unobtrusive. They also make iron sights, phone and camera mounts (including one for the GoPro), dart and clip holders, sling points and more. They are based in Australia, which can suck for shipping. Recently they have made a partnership with the US based Containment Crew to print and sell a good amount of their product line. Both companies use a 3D printer, a Makerbot Replicator, to manufacture their products at an elite level.

slydev nerf attachments company

blasterparts nerf attachments companyBlasterparts.:

Blasterparts is an aftermarket Nerf attachments company based in Germany. They even have a physical store located in Berlin, the only dart blaster specialty shop in the region. They sell Nerf blasters, attachments, and accessories. They also carry products from other companies like Lanard, Buzz Bee, and Air Zone. But the coolest thing they sell is the Aliens Ammo-Counter Nerf attachment. They say it can turn a Nerf blaster into an M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens 2 and after you see the picture of this thing, you’ll believe it. It is awesome!

aliens ammo counter nerf attachment from blasterpartsnerf rayven with aliens ammo counter nerf attachments

xplorer nerf attachments companyXplorer.:

Xplorer makes some really great looking products. Their products are also equally as functional. With that said, holy cow are they expensive. Xplorer is the exotic foreign car shop of Nerf attachments. They do really good work, though. If you want the best, you have to be ready to pay the premium. They sell everything, from shotgun grips to modded blasters. They also make custom xplorer v2 foam darts and x-dart mags to use them. The darts are known for easily exceeding the range, power, and accuracy of stock Elite darts.They are based in Singapore.

xplorer nerf longshot nerf attachments

dorm labs nerf attachment companyDormLabs.:

DormLabs LLC is a proud, US based company that is on the forefront of innovative aftermarket Nerf attachments. They manufacture and distribute a wide assortment of tactical gear and performance blaster products. They make good quality Nerf attachments, and they’re affordable. They make a pretty good shotgun grip for the Raider/Rampage, and very tacticool laser sight and flashlight Nerf attachments for blasters.

nerf strongarm with laser nerf attachmentsnerf rapidstrike with light nerf attachments


containment crew logoContainment Crew.:

Containment Crew is quite literally a Godsend. What if you want to order from BlasterParts or SlyDev? Have you tried? The shipping is quite high. That’s because BlasterParts is located in Germany and SlyDev is located somewhere in Australia. If you’re in the United States, that can add up to a hefty shipping fee. Previously, you would just have to suck it up and pay the shipping. Enter in the Nerf deus ex machina, Containment Crew. Through exclusive licensing deals, they have partnered up with both SlyDev and BlasterParts to offer their products stateside for me and you. Rejoice! They also happen to sell some of their own original creations, too. Some of them are pretty nifty, like the Stryfe replacement battery door. Lord Drac featured that piece in one of his recent videos, check it out:

 etsy Shop Owners.:

Etsy may not be the first place you think of when you think of aftermarket Nerf attachments or accessories, it’s true. But I’m here to tell you that you are dead wrong. It doesn’t get much more tacticool than Etsy. There is a big market of Nerf attachments on Etsy. And many different shop owners to supply the custom built merchandise. Most notably, 3DPrintedSolid makes a whole assortment of Nerf attachments and accessories. They’ve got everything from sights and suppressors, to carry handles, grips, and Nerf to Picatinny rail conversion attachments. Apex Weapon Systems, on the other hand, makes a whole ton of Nerf tactical holsters and other tactical equipment. Then you’ve got those who mod Nerf guns, either cosmetic or internal (sometimes both) modifications are done and then the finished product is sold in their shop. Their ranks include AlTheGeek, TheGeekArmory, and RawNerfKustoms. is actually a Nerfer’s dream come true. Check them out!

nerf strongarm mod from etsy

Thinking outside the box.

So that about does it. If you’re a big fan of Nerf attachments, like I am, you’re going to have to think outside of the box. Depending on Nerf won’t get you anywhere. They do not support the aftermarket Nerf attachments market at all. You’ll have to look elsewhere. Luckily, that won’t be very hard. There are many companies who have stepped up to the plate and knocked things out of the park. Even some I didn’t mention on this page. Scouring Amazon, eBay, and even Etsy will land you a seemingly limitless supply of good quality aftermarket Nerf attachments and accessories. Good luck.

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    1. Hey, David! Thanks for stopping by. The Nerf Elite Strongarm is a great blaster, but as it is a pistol, it’s attachment capability is lacking. It doesn’t have any barrel attachment or stock attachment point and it only has a single tactical rail on top. This means that any rail attachment should fit on top. I recommend the recently released Nerf Modulus Tactical Light or something like the Nerf Modulus Red Dot Sight. Some kind of ammo holding attachment would be the most practical, though, but they don’t sell those separately. You’d have to buy it with another blaster, or find one from a 3rd party company that makes Nerf attachments.

  1. Hi my son has a rapid strike cs-18 and is looking for a scope but I can’t find one anywhere can anyone help? I’m in UK

    1. Hey, thanks for commenting! The Nerf Rapidstrike CS-18 is an amazing blaster and with all of its tactical rails, it can accommodate a large selection of attachments. For scopes, you can try the Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit( which includes a Red Dot Sight, as well as a folding grip and a flash suppressor/muzzle brake short barrel attachment. The other option, and it’s actually exclusive to the UK, would be to get the Nerf Modulus Long Distance Scope( which is a sniper type scope that has an exclusive camo paint design. You can also find it on the website here:

      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon.

  2. I have a nerf retaliator and a nerf dominator I’m trying to find a accurate sight but can’t find one please help ASAP

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