Nerf Battle Assembly: How To Field-Strip A Nerf Gun

nerf battle assembly: attaching nerf gun attachments

Nerfers, assemble! Today we have a more lighthearted article. This one’s just for fun, no mod guides or reviews or anything like that. Just a Nerf Battle Assembly.

Attaching Nerf Gun Attachments.

In the military, the soldiers train by disassembling and reassembling their rifles. So why not us? Why not Nerfers in the “Foam Flingitary?” No matter your desired use or playstyle when dealing with Nerf, you want to be familiar with your blaster. Just like any gun owner would know the ins and outs of their rifle, you too must know the inner and outer workings of your Nerf blaster. It’s time for Nerf Battle Assembly!

Private Gomer Pyle field strips his rifle.

If there’s one thing Private Pyle knows, it’s his rifle. Therefore, we must be the Private Pyle of Nerf. Talking to your blaster is optional, but you should be just as familiar with your blaster as Pvt. Pyle. Any Nerfer worth his salt must know how to properly care for the beloved blasters and that includes regular maintenance. It’s far too easy for the “uninitiated Nerfer” to think their Nerf blaster is broken or severely damaged when all that was wrong was a simple jammed dart or two. It’s easier than you think. Don’t be that guy.

Real Life Example.:

Look at this picture. I paid $36 for the entire lot of Nerf guns from eBay. Why so cheap? Because the Nerf Retaliator was incomplete, the Nerf Longshot was questionable, and the Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper was said to be completely broken. When the package arrived, I took the blasters out of the box and tested them. The Retaliator and Longshot worked fine. The Alpha Trooper was malfunctioning, as expected. However, I noticed there was an old school suction dart stuck in the chamber. I reached in through the magwell and pulled the dart out. The Alpha Trooper now works perfectly.


So I got another Retaliator, Midnight Longshot, and a perfect EAT for $36, shipped. While I recognized the problem, to the untrained eye it’d be fairly easy to mistake these Nerf blasters as broken. As a result, the listing was sold for far cheaper than it was actually worth. This is why knowing your blaster is a necessity. This can be an important skill for anyone – from a casual Nerfer to a hardcore Nerf Warrior. Whatever your reason for Nerfing, this seems like a skill you’d want to have. Most noteworthy of these skills is the ability to disassemble and reassemble your blaster.

Nerf Battle Assembly: Field-Stripping Your Nerf Gun.

So in today’s article, I aim to kick off a new recurring series of lighthearted and fun informational articles that teach you basics of Nerf blaster storage, maintenance, cleaning, etc. The goal of these articles will be to educate people on preventative measures they can take to extend the life of their blasters and to teach basic functionality of the blasters, inside and out. Inspiration for the video in this article was this video of kids in Russia assembling and disassembling an AK-47 assault rifle.

[Insert “In Soviet Russia” Joke Here]

In this Nerf Battle Assembly video, I have two Nerf Modulus ECS-10 blasters and two Nerf Modulus Recon MKII blasters. Especially relevant is the combination of attachments used. For the first set of blasters, you’ll notice that I left the stock configuration of attachments intact. Opposite of that, I have outfitted the second set of blasters with a custom combination of attachments chosen by me. So without further adieu, it’s time for your first Nerf Battle Assembly drill. Let’s Git-R-Done!

In conclusion, being able to flawlessly complete this Nerf Battle Assembly challenge will jumpstart your journey down the road of Nerf blaster mastery. Therefore, it seems only natural that doing it blindfolded would be the next step. Are you game?! That’s all for this one, guys. Be sure to tune in next time when we’ll go over a true disassembly (detail stripping) of a Nerf blaster! Thanks for reading! Most of all, if you want me to do something like this while wearing a blindfold – let me know!

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