Nerf: Behind the Blaster.

nerf behind the blaster

Recently, Nerf has been taking an aggressive new direction with its marketing and community outreach efforts, so to speak. Aside from the Nerf Perfect Challenge videos, where they team up with the Dude Perfect team, they have been doing a series of behind the scenes videos called “Behind the Blaster.” The videos feature various marketing and design heads from Nerf, so you know they know what they’re talking about.

Nerf Behind the Blaster: Say Hello to the FlipFury.

This first Nerf video goes behind the scenes with the Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury blaster. The awesome double-cylinder, rotating flip drum Zombie Strike blaster. Check out the NGA review of this blaster here: Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Review. You know you want it…

“The reason a zombie isn’t eating you right now, is because of Nerf Zombie Strike blasters.”

— Matt Brown, Hasbro Product Designer.

Nerf Behind the Blaster: Mega CycloneShock.

Next up, we take a look at another Maverick/Strongarm descendent blaster. Meet the new go-to Mega sidearm blaster, the Mega CycloneShock. See my NGA official review of the Mega Cyclone here: Nerf Mega CycloneShock Review. Mega… You think you can handle it?

“These are Mega Darts, so it takes Mega air power, Mega springs, and a Mega plunger to fire ’em. Which all adds up to: Mega power for Mega impact.”

— Wes Boege, Senior Product Designer, Nerf.

Products mentioned in this post.:

Nerf Behind the Blaster Video 1.:

Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury

Priming Mechanism: Pistol Slide

Blaster Type: Revolver

Range: Up to 75 ft

Ammo: 12-dart Capacity

Pros: Take a Nerf Elite Strongarm and, taking a cue from the mod community, add an extra 6-dart cylinder, increasing the capacity to 12 darts. What do you have? The Nerf FlipFury.

Cons: Random hole in handle can prove uncomfortable, secondary cylinder flip trigger isn’t friendly to smaller hands.


Nerf Behind the Blaster Video 2.:

Nerf MEGA CycloneShock

Priming Mechanism: Pistol Slide

Blaster Type: Revolver

Range: Up to 90 ft

Ammo: 6-dart Capacity

Pros: The CycloneShock is what happens when you take an Elite Strongarm and give it the Mega Nerf treatment. Huge, stocky, more powerful, Mega. Slam-Firing Mega darts is beyond awesome.

Cons: Might prove too large for some users. Mega Darts are not the preferred ammo for most blasters. Cylinder doesn’t hang out to the side for quick reloading.


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