Nerf: Behind the Water Blaster

nerf super soaker behind the water blaster

It’s time for another Nerf behind the scenes video…

… this time we get to go behind the Water Blaster!

Goodness, it is so darn hot outside! This video came out at the exact right time. Whew, it’s hot! I’m a New Yorker, so I’m a little more used to cold weather than hot weather. But when it gets hot, it really gets hot here. And to think I was thinking about moving down south. Yikes. Anyways, moving right along. This video is a continuation of the previous few “Behind the Blaster” series of videos. First they went over the FlipFury, then the CycloneShock and then the new Crossbolt blaster. Now, they’re moving on to Super Soakers, with perfect timing to match this sudden increase in temperature. More specifically, they go over the features of the Nerf Super Soaker FlashFlood and the Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire. (Why not combine both and just make it the Nerf Super Soaker Flash-Flood-Fire?)


Behind the Water Blaster:

Super Soaker FlashFlood.

Clint Chapman, the senior brand manager at Nerf, is outfitted with the Nerf Super Soaker FlashFlood. He takes us behind the water blaster and talks about all of the features of the Super Soaker and explains how it’s basically a mashup of two different water blasters. A traditional pump action water blaster, and the older Tidal Tube water blaster.

Check out my full review of the Super Soaker FlashFlood here.


Behind the Water Blaster:

Super Soaker FloodFire.

Mark Foster, senior designer at Nerf, is holding the Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire. He also goes over the basic features of the design and function of this water blaster. He talks about this blaster being inspired by modern aircraft and motorcycle design. Wait, what? Um, anyway. He goes on to talk about the most important feature of the FloodFire, the quick connect hose adapter.

Check out my full review of the Super Soaker FloodFire here.


So, what do you guys think? Did you enjoy your peek behind the water blaster? Do you enjoy these new “behind the scenes” commercials from Nerf? Should they keep making them? Which one was your favorite? Let me know how you really feel, down below in the comments section! And as always, thanks for reading.

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