Nerf Blasters In Pop Culture

clint eastwood maverick nerf blasters

(The above painting of Clint Eastwood with dual Nerf Maverick blasters is credited to artist Jared Yamahata, of It’s a great piece and I’m definitely a fan of all of his artwork. Head on over to his website where you can check out more of his work on display.)

Nerf guns, Nerf blasters, whatever you want to call them. I love them. I think they’re fantastic. And I don’t seem to be alone either. Nerf always have a way of popping up on television or in some other form of media. YouTube, the daily news, a music video, it doesn’t matter. It is not uncommon to see or hear about a celebrity with a Nerf gun. And I always got a kick out of that for some reason. Seeing movie stars toting Nerf blasters or hearing them talk about how they had a Nerf War with their family. I can’t get enough of that kind of stuff.

Celebrities With Nerf Blasters.

From 1D to Justin B, celebrities can’t seem to get enough of Nerf blasters. Catching them in public, on talk shows, movie sets, or even private parties is not unusual. Let’s check out some instances of celebrity nerf warfare right now.:

[metaslider id=1944]

There. That was fun, wasn’t it? Nerf has truly permeated the pop culture entirely in this country, hasn’t it? It’s not always all fun and games, though. There has been a lot of negativity involving Nerf guns on the news and in the media. But we’ll get into that some other time. For now let’s look at something more positive and absolutely hilarious. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s from and it’s called Movie Guns Replaced With Nerf Guns. Check out my favorite pic:

al pacino nerf blasters

Tony Montana (Al Pacino) says “Say Hello To My Little Friend!” In this case, his little friend is a Nerf Retaliator.

That’s all folks! Nerf blasters are here and they’re here to stay. You can’t get rid of them. Even when it’s not actually a Nerf gun it’s a Nerf gun. Even when it’s Buzz Bee or one of those knockoff Nerf blasters, most people will still call it a Nerf gun anyway. Nerf is a part of the pop culture in this country. Just like Sony, just like Samsung, just like Apple. Nerf blasters are here to stay.

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