Nerf Centurion

Nerf Centurion

Nerf Centurion – Best Sniper Rifle?

nerf centurion mega sniper rifle

The Nerf Mega Centurion sniper rifle blaster

Just look at this thing. The Nerf Centurion is massive. It’s kind of a big deal. It’s also able to command darts at ranges up of to 100 feet. If the Mega Magnus is a Desert Eagle, the Mega Centurion is definitely a Barrett .50cal. I think they look fairly similar. The Nerf Mega line sure has some epic looking weapons. But does the performance compare? 

Nerf Centurion

The Barrett XM109 Anti-Materiel Rifle. Do you think the Nerf Centurion was influenced by this rifle? I sure do!

Keeping Up With The Competition

The Nerf Centurion is obviously not the first Nerf sniper rifle. Most notably, there were the Longshot CS-6 and the Nerf Longstrike sniper rifles. The Nerf Longshot was a weird looking sniper that was actually made up of two different blasters attached to each other. It had a bipod, similar to the Centurion. And it came with a pretty cool scope. It had good accuracy and solid, N-Strike standard ranges. People like it a lot, but I honestly never cared for it as a sniper rifle. I love it as an assault rifle, without the front gun extension. Sorry. Next, we have the Longstrike CS-6. The Longstrike looked like a traditional sniper rifle. I really like the look of this blaster. With it’s flip up sights and it’s shoulder stock clip storage, it was very cool. It had respectable N-Strike ranges, for the time. The long barrel gave it a deadly accuracy. It can store 2 extra clips in the shoulder stock. I love this blaster.

Nerf Centurion vs Nerf Longstrike

The Nerf N-Strike Limited Edition Whiteout Series Longstrike CS-6 Sniper Rifle Blaster. Pics and info

Now we have the Nerf N-Strike Mega Centurion. Its look falls somewhere in between the Longshot and the Longstrike. It’s way better looking than the Longshot (as a sniper), but I’m not sure it’s on the same level as the Longstrike. It’s big, huge, MEGA rifle. It fires huge darts as well. It has a shoulder stock reminiscent of the Nerf Stampede rifle. It has a pretty good bipod attachment. The Nerf Centurion claims to reach ranges of 100 feet. I’ll be blunt: It does not reach 100 feet. It can reach about 60 feet with decent accuracy. After 65 feet, the dart will still fly about another 20 feet. But you couldn’t hit the side of a barn, though. So, tell me: What good is it to be able to fire one hundred feet if you are unable to hit your target? But enough dawdling, let’s move on to the real problem with this blaster. The Nerf Centurion jams frequently. As in a lot. There, I said it. Not only does it jam, but it gobbles darts like the cookie monster when it jams. This is pretty unacceptable. Also, two things. One, where is the scope? It’s a sniper rifle. Give me a scope. Secondly, where can I buy another Mega clip? I can buy extra darts, sure. But are you telling me that I have to sit there and refill the clip every time I fire 6 darts? If you look on eBay, you can find a pretty decent scope here. But I haven’t found a solution for the clip problem as of yet.

nerf centurion

The Nerf Centurion. Not as bad as I made it out to be. But not great either. Also comes in sonic blue

Featured Mod.

nerf mega centurion mod

This custom Nerf Mega Centurion mod was done by the awesome Brian Johnson of Johnson Arms. This mod is based off of a weapon in the film Elysium, the Chem Rail. Click the pic to see more info on

Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster.

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    1. The Centurion barrel, once attached, is meant to be a permanent fixture. It is advised to complete mods of this blaster before attaching the barrel. However, there are a few methods for removing the barrel afterwards. I found one video here: but this is not a total fix. The blaster will not function without the barrel without performing a few mods anyway, so this is only useful if you merely want to transport the Centurion broken down and then reassemble. I’m also not sure how much this method may (eventually) damage or wear down the blaster if that action is repeated. Hope this helps.

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