Nerf Demolisher Review

nerf demolisher

Welcome to the Nerf Demolisher review. The Demolisher gets its name from its under barrel foam grenade launcher. That’s right. This thing has a noob-tube built right in. The coolness factor is off the charts already. The Nerf Demolisher is sure to be a hit, especially for the younger crowd.

nerf demolisher

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The Nerf Demolisher.

It’s demolition time! Although an Elite blaster, the Nerf Demolisher lacks the blue color scheme of it’s Elite brethren. Instead, the entire blaster is covered in a bright orange color. It is the same orange used as an accent on some of the Elite guns. The blaster itself is an SMG-type with an attached under-barrel grenade launcher. It includes a detachable shoulder stock which can store a spare foam grenade. Unfortunately, the grenade launcher itself cannot be detached. The Nerf Demolisher features two tactical rails, one on top and one on the side. The muzzle accepts extended barrel attachments. The Nerf Demolisher also includes a 10-dart banana clip. A banana clip has never been seen on a Nerf blaster before. Awesome. It looks great.

Demolish The Competition.

The rifle itself is on par with most other Elite XD blasters. With a firing range of over 75 feet, the Nerf Demolisher definitely holds it’s own. This blaster is motorized, which means it is semi-automatic. In other words, it has a good rate of fire. This performance requires four AA batteries. With ten darts fired from it’s unique banana clip, the Demolisher is a more than capable weapon. All of this and we haven’t even discussed the grenade launcher yet. The pump-action, under-barrel grenade launcher is surprisingly efficient. The grip is nice and comfortable. The Nerf Demolisher launches the foam grenades at an effective distance. The range is comparable to the ranges of the regular Elite darts. The larger mass of the grenade makes for a more substantial impact as well. Also, I feel the intimidation level of this blaster far exceeds every non-Mega Nerf blaster out there.

nerf demolisher

The Nerf Demolisher comes with ten(10) Elite darts and two(2) Nerf foam grenades. Click the pic for more information.

Demolition Man.

Overall, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster is a winner. It definitely gets my seal of approval. Two thumbs up, for sure. The grenade launcher is sure to make for an awesome experience with the 8-12 crowd. And even for older Nerfers and fans of Call of Duty, it’s sure to bring back old memories of the game and inspire some fun Nerf wars. The Nerf Demolisher is not the top Nerf gun. It’s not the most powerful or most accurate. It doesn’t have the fastest rate of fire. But, it doesn’t need to be those things. Because it might just be the most fun Nerf gun to use. Fun for everyone, no matter the age. The grenade launcher is just too fun and addicting. After all, the noob-tube always was an instant classic. Buy the Demolisher today, become the Demolition Man. P.S. – For a few dollars more, they have a Nerf Demolisher bundle that comes with an extra clip and 10 extra darts, too. Pretty cool, as the banana clip isn’t sold separately yet. That’s it. Demo out.

Featured MOD.:

nerf demolisher mod

Ladies and Gentleman, meet the Nerf “Red Fury” Demolisher. I really love this design. It’s a perfect paint job, and the Gears of War logo was a very nice touch. This mod was brought to you by Cave76Designs. You can find this blaster(and more) over at their Etsy shop.

Demolisher Mod Runner Up:

elite blue nerf demolisher

This blaster is a commissioned blaster for BritNerf. It was modded by Foam Data Services, via UK Nerf War. This blaster looks absolutely gorgeous in Elite blue. Nerf should have definitely released this in 2 different colors, like they did with the Nerf Stryfe. Click the pic to check out more pics and lots more info on the BritNerf forums.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2 in 1 Blaster.

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