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Get ready for yet another new Nerf blaster line for 2015. Take a look at these two new Nerf Doomlands blasters, they’re ready to make their mark…

nerf doomlands blasters new nerf 2015Let’s start this one off with a quote from the recent 2015 Nerf Design and Marketing Team Hangout.:

  • Q: (Lord Draconical) We had this really sweet Snapfire 8 awhile back… does this tech still exist, did you like it, might we get a space revolver with a Western theme?

  • A: We like the double-action, but it can be difficult for smaller hands. But never say never. It’ll show up again… sometime between now and 2160 (laughs).

That sly question from Drac and the tongue-in-cheek answer from the Nerf Team was the first solid confirmation we got about these new Nerf Doomlands blasters. Now, Nerf has gone one step further and officially announced these two new blasters. They are the Nerf Doomlands Lawbringer and the Nerf Doomlands Vagabond. Let’s go over the info that Nerf has released.:


With the debut of the NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 line, members of NERF NATION can become the heroes of the future. This all-new NERF blaster segment was designed to inspire active, imaginative play with a futuristic edge only the NERF brand can provide. The year is 2169, nearly a century after an asteroid impact wiped out civilization as we know it. The post-apocalyptic wasteland once known as earth is filled with bands of marauding thieves and all manners of creatures. Now, the time has come for a hero to emerge from the wild, savage land to deliver justice and freedom to the human race with the new NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 blasters by their side.

The debut DOOMLANDS 2169 lineup, featuring the LAWBRINGER blaster with a twelve dart rotating barrel and the pump-action VAGABOND blaster, is available exclusively at Target this fall and features all new sci-fi steam-punk designs, visible firing mechanisms, and NERF performance. In the epic battle for the future, NERF NATION will prevail.

The Fall 2015 NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 line includes:

nerf doomlands 2169 lawbringer


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $34.99/Available: August 1, 2015)

Patrol the lawless landscape and fight for justice with the NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 LAWBRINGER blaster at your side. The formidable LAWBRINGER blaster features a twelve dart rotating barrel and visible hammer mechanism for blasting, while integrated dart storage allows for quick reloads on the run. With the LAWBRINGER blaster, no futuristic foe is safe. Blaster comes with twelve NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 darts. Available exclusively at Target.



(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/Available: August 1, 2015)

Survive the savage future and dominate post-apocalyptic battles using the NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 VAGABOND blaster. With unique DOOMLANDS style, pump action firing, and a six dart rotating barrel, the VAGABOND blaster is an essential tool for future freedom fighters. Includes six NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 darts. Available exclusively at Target.

nerf doomlands 2169 dart refill


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: August 1, 2015)

Stock up on extra NERF ammo to ensure dominance in the wild future. Post-apocalyptic heroes carrying the DOOMLANDS 2169 30-DART refill won’t be caught with an empty blaster in battle. DOOMLANDS foam darts feature gold deco with signature DOOMLANDS logo. Available exclusively at Target.

Nerf Doomlands – My Thoughts.

nerf doomlands vagabond box

Okay, now for my thoughts on these new blasters and this new blaster line. First off, I love that Nerf is releasing so many new blasters and blaster lines. This is a really busy, really exciting time for all fans of Nerf. I’m also really really glad that they’re trying so many different things and going off in different directions. They aren’t afraid to try new things. Back to the blasters themselves, I love the cyber-western theme. Admittedly I wasn’t a fan of them when the leaked images were first released. But as is often the case, they were terribly poor quality. This fact can actually lower your opinion on something. A good example is leaked movie trailers. When I first saw the recent Batman vs Superman trailer, it looked like hot garbage. After seeing the full HD high quality version, my opinion on it increased dramatically. Seeing these high def images of the Nerf Doomlands blasters has had the same effect. While I’m still not sure of this all orange coloring that Nerf is leaning towards with all of its recent blasters(XD Stryfe, Demolisher, XD EAT, etc.), I think it works fairly well here. And while it’s true that the Vagabond seems to be a mashup between a Rough Cut and a Strongarm, and the Lawbringer is basically a Hammershot underneath.; somehow these blasters do still manage to seem pretty new and original. I am really happy to see them continuing to use original artwork for their box art and designs, just like with the Nerf Zombie Strike series. And I like the new orange Elite darts. Nerf seems to be making Elite darts in every color under the sun nowadays, and I like it. I remember reading a comment somewhere that said Nerf is just smashing together Doom and Borderlands to come up with the idea behind Nerf Doomlands. I thought that was funny, and probably pretty legit, too. Overall, though, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more info on these blasters and the Nerf Doomlands line in general.

nerf doomlands lawbringer box

So what do you think, Nerf Nation? Do these blasters get a thumbs up or down from you guys? Tell me how you really feel, down below in the comments section! Nerf Doomlands 2169, coming soon…


Yup. We had been expecting this, so it’s not a real surprise. I was on Facebook earlier and I came across this post by fellow Nerf site Foam From Above. As you can see, we now have learned for sure that Nerf Doomlands series would bring not only new Nerf blasters, but new Nerf melee weapons with it as well. These melee weapons will be manufactured by Perpetual Play Group Ltd., the same people responsible for those cool Nerf Zombie Strike foam weapons. Check out two of those Nerf bladed melee weapons down below.:

nerf doomlands swift justice

This is the Nerf Doomlands Swift Justice. It looks pretty cool, with the handguard and all. It looks like a nice melee weapon overall. Now on to my favorite..:


The Nerf Doomlands Vigilance. Wow. This is amazing. It puts the Nerf Klaw to shame. Sorry. I love this thing. The detailing, the foam blade, everything looks great.

So what do you guys think? Are you impressed with the work that Perpetual Play Group has done this time? Will you be picking up either of these foam melee weapons? I know I’m getting that Vigilance axe! Let me know how you really feel, down below in the comments section. And as always, thanks for reading!

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