Nerf Double Dealer – Doomlands Dart Destroyer?

nerf double dealer, doomlands blaster airplane

In a not-too-distant future, Nerfers are left in a barren, foam-less wasteland. Out of the mounds of shredded darts, a lone YouTuber emerges to bring justice to a doomed blaster. Yup! All the world’s darts have been destroyed by the…

nerf double dealer, doomlands series blaster review

Nerf Doomlands Double Dealer

Greetings, Nerf enthusiasts! This is Blee here, back at it again! Today we are going over the first Nerf Doomlands mag-fed blaster, the Nerf Double Dealer. The Double Dealer was first announced in early 2016, demoed at Toy Fair NY and finally released in the fall of 2016. Furthermore, as the very first mag-fed blaster in the Nerf Doomlands series, the Double Dealer had a lot of hype behind it. But, did it deliver? Keep reading to find out! (Or, you know, click the play button and watch my video review down below…)

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Nerf Double Dealer Aesthetics –  Double Your Fun?

nerf double dealer, doomlands

The Nerf Double Dealer is basically what you would get if you smashed two Nerf Elite Rampage blasters together. Double barrels, double magwells, double 12 round magazines… And just look at those sweet custom mags. It’s a double dealing pump action blaster from the Gods! Or is it?

nerf double dealer, doomlands blaster vs nerf elite rampage

The Nerf Double Dealer has pretty much double everything. It even has double mag holders in the stock. But it has a single pistol grip and a single pump-grip to bring it all together. The pistol grip has a nice size to it and holding it is nice and comfy. The pump grip has a curved hand guard that makes it look like the hilt of a sword. Up top, there are two tactical rails and a clear access door for removing jammed darts. Also, the two mag wells on the side of the blaster act just like they do on the Rampage. There are large orange mag release buttons on the rear of the mag-well for removing magazines.

nerf double dealer, doomlands blaster airplane

Admit it.: You’ve run through the house pretending the Nerf Double Dealer was a large airplane. If you buy this blaster, you’re probably going to do it at least once. I guarantee it. And while the Double Dealer does in fact look like something out of Star Wars, running around with this thing making rocketship sound effects is not a good idea. Because you will get caught in a doorway and knocked down, hard.

Nerf Double Dealer Ergonomics – Double Your Pleasure?

nerf double dealer, doomlands blaster ergonomics

Outside of looking pretty darn good, the Nerf Double Dealer feels good too. The pistol grip is a bit undersized, but still gets the job done. The trigger pull is a little too short for my liking, though. The pump grip, on the other hand, is perfection. Now on to the worst part of the Double Dealer’s ergonomics – the shoulder stock. The Nerf Double Dealer features an integrated storage stock that can hold an additional two magazines. On paper, it sounds great. In reality, though? It’s horrible.

nerf double dealer, doomlands blaster shoulder stock

In fact, I refuse to even call it a stock. It’s just going to be referred to as the “double storage bay” from now on. You see, as a storage bay, it works just fine. Aside from its tendency to dislodge mags when only one is stored, it works. The stock part of it? Not even close. The stock on the Nerf Double Dealer is short. It’s litte. Like teeny tiny. I frequently complain about stocks so much (and even came up with the official diagnosis “Short Stock Syndrome”), but enough is enough! People usually defend it by saying these products are designed for children, but I mean c’mon, this is too small even for a child. If you’re old enough to pull the trigger, the stock is going to be too small for you. Period.

Nerf Double Dealer Performance – Doomed From The Start?

The time has come, the Nerfer said, to talk of many things; Of darts and jams and shortened stocks and why this blaster’s performance is not so hot. But first, let us discuss how this Nerf blaster functions. Load up both of the included 12 round magazines. Pull the pump grip all the way back to rear position. Next, insert both mags into the mag well on either side of the blaster. Make sure the arrow on the mag is pointing towards the front of the blaster. Finally, push the pump grip all the way forward and that’s it – you’re locked and loaded. PULL THE TRIGGER!

nerf double dealer, doomlands blaster

Prepare for trouble and make it double! The Nerf Double Dealer has pretty bad performance. It has two barrels, but only one plunger tube. This is reflected in the lack of power of this blaster. You can see this in my range test video up above. But, we’ve seen underpowered blasters before, right? It’s not usually that big of a deal. I mean right? Well this blaster also has a bad habit of EATING DARTS.

nerf double dealer dart destroyer

This thing has a nasty appetite, too. It eats darts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Seriously, I made three videos using this blaster on my YouTube Channel and I couldn’t make it through any of those videos without encountering at least one jam. In my Nerf Double Dealer Range Test video, the blaster locked up so bad that I had to abort the mission and end the test. It also took me about 15 minutes to clear the jam. Ridiculous.

Nerf Double Dealer Final Thoughts and Opinions.:

nerf double dealer, doomlands blaster

For Nerfers who loved the Nerf Elite Rampage, the Nerf Double Dealer seemed like it was heaven sent. Nerf took the Rampage and Rhino-Fire’d it. What could possibly go wrong? Apparently a LOT. While the blaster looks extremely cool and feels great in the hands, its lack of a true shoulder stock does detract from its greatness. This is all before you pull the trigger. IF you’re lucky and both darts actually fire, you’ll still likely be disappointed by the poor range. If you are unlucky, one or even both barrels will jam up and your blaster will be rendered useless for the next 15+ minutes. Using the Double Dealer just to mess around about the house with a few friends this might not be so bad. However, if you’re in the middle of a Nerf War, this could be the end of you.

buy the nerf double dealer doomlands blaster

Therefore, to Nerf Modders only, I say buy this thing. It looks good and feels good. Seems like a good modder should be able to make up for the other shortcomings. However, if you do not mod, stay far away. Due to the Nerf Double Dealer’s frequent jams and lack of any substantial power out of the box, I can not give this blaster a full recommendation.

Nerf Double Dealer Recommended Attachments.:

nerf double dealer, doomlands blaster

While the Nerf Double Dealer isn’t the most tacticool, it does have two fully functional tactical rails up top. Let’s see what we can do!

nerf modulus red dot pinpoint sight

The Nerf Modulus Red Dot Sight, because it goes with everything. Seriously. Place it on either tactical rail, but in my opinion it works best on the rear rail. If you want to be super leet, put a RDS on both rails. You’ll get twice the accuracy and double the style points. Do it.



nerf modulus flip clip


Mixing up the mag loadout is great for a blaster like this. And adding a pair of Nerf Modulus Flip Clip jungle style magazines to the mix will effectively double your ammo capacity. Reloading will probably be a little tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it. Eventually.


Featured MOD.:

nerf double dealer, doomlands blaster mod

Well that’s the thing – I haven’t seen any notable mods for the Nerf Double Dealer. Nothing. Looks like I may have to produce the first full mod for this blaster, huh? I’ve had ideas on what to do with it since its release, but as usual, my procrastination got the better of me. Let me know if you guys have seen any really great Double Dealer mods! Leave a comment!

Nerf Doomlands Double Dealer Blaster

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