Nerf Elite Retaliator

nerf elite retaliator

Front-hand or backhand? Neither! Retaliate beforehand with a preemptive strike from the Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster. Re-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-taliate!

Nerf Elite Retaliator

Infatuated With Guns.

nerf elite retaliatorNever was a thug, just infatuated with guns. And if ever there was a gun worthy of such infatuation, it would definitely be the Nerf Elite Retaliator. The Nerf Elite Retaliator is the direct successor to the N-Strike Recon CS-6.  This gun, on a purely aesthetic level, is definitely among the best of the best. From the shoulder stock to the fore-grip, this is a cool blaster. An awesome, amazing looking weapon. Also, the blue N-Strike Elite color scheme is great like Frosted Flakes. Literally. It’s the same colors as the cereal box. Get it? Ah, nevermind.

In Confrontation, Ain’t No Conversation.

In confrontation, ain’t no conversation. If you feel you’re in violation, any hesitation will get you killed. Well, not so much killed as pelted with a bunch of darts. But still, you get the idea. This is a beast of a gun. It’s got the great looks and it also has great functionality, too. It has the Elite-class plunger system, providing enhanced range. As far as form, the modular nature of this gun is superb. It comes in the box disassembled and you get to put it together yourself. Slide the barrel on, connect the stock. Add the fore-grip, load the clip. It’s very cool. You don’t even have to add all of those pieces, either. This weapon is fully capable of working with no Nerf gun attachments connected. You can add any combination of the attachments to the receiver as you see fit. With the tactical mounts, you can also add on other attachments. The Nerf Elite Retaliator has that cool factor even before it’s ever fired. The barrel looks great and is rifled inside. The rifling is just for appearances, though. It offers no real benefits. With the barrel attached, accuracy actually sees an increase, though. The shoulder stock is very sturdy and it’s a marked improvement over the original. The fore-grip is very functional and makes for quicker and more precise aiming. The 12 dart clip is also an improvement as the Recon CS-6 only had a 6 dart clip. This clip is also transparent on one side, which lets you see how much ammo you’ve got left. This is important in heated gun battles, as every second counts.

Pull It, Squeeze It, Till It’s Empty.

nerf elite retaliator

The Nerf Elite Retaliator is such a fantastic blaster. But nothing is perfect. The stock could be a little bigger, and so could the grip. Just a bit. The barrel extension increases accuracy, yes. But it sacrifices range in exchange. However, I think the biggest problem with the Retaliator is this.: The pistol slide cocking mechanism. It is definitely the largest detriment. The location of the slide is on top of the main part of the blaster. You can’t keep your hand on the foregrip and fire this thing like you can with the Rampage. You have to take your hand off the grip, pull the slide back up on top of the gun, and then put your hand back on the grip. Doesn’t really make sense. The gun is accurate and powerful, but it doesn’t have that high rate-of-fire. Even though it resembles an assault rifle, it’s best used more like a sniper rifle. Some people even forego all attachments and use this simply as a clip-fed pistol. With that said, I still give this gun a hearty recommendation.

Featured MOD.

nerf elite retaliator mod

This Nerf Elite Retaliator cosmetic mod was done by JohnsonArms. It is based on weapon designs featured in popular video game Borderlands. Click for more info/pics from their Etsy page.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster.

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