Nerf Firestrike vs Nerf Sidestrike

It’s time to pit blaster versus blaster. This is Nerf vs. Nerf, Round 1. FIGHT!

Nerf Firestrike vs Nerf Sidestrike.

Alright guys, so here’s an episode of a new Versus Series that I’ll be doing here on and also on my YouTube channel. So without wasting any time, let’s get right into it! Here today, we’ll be comparing the Nerf Firestrike and the Nerf Sidestrike. Let’s go over their similarities first.

Nerf Firestrike vs Nerf Sidestrike: Similarities.:

nerf firestrike vs nerf sidestrike

The Nerf Firestrike and the Nerf Sidestrike are very different, but at the same time, they are much the same. They are both single-fire, front-loaded pistol blasters. They both work off of a manual prime with a spring and plunger inside. They both feature only one tactical rail. Both the Nerf Firestrike and the Zombie Sidestrike feature built in dart storage that allows for the blaster to carry an extra 2 darts. They are both about the same size and finally, their power and range are also equal. Now that we’ve gone over their similarities, let’s delve into the differences of each blaster.

Nerf Firestrike vs Nerf Sidestrike: Pros and Cons.:

Now, we’ll take a quick look at the strengths of each blaster, one by one. First up, the

Nerf Firestrike…:

nerf firestrike

  • The most obvious pro for the Firestrike is that it has a built in, under-barrel, red dot laser light module.
  • The overall aesthetic design. It is a true successor to the Nite Finder and some people like it just for that.
  • The two AA batteries in the handle give it some extra weight, which gives the blaster a nice heavy feeling.
  • Lots of people prefer the Pull-to-Prime Priming Handle that comes straight out of the back of the blaster.
  • The top tactical rail is perfect for optical attachments like sights or scopes.

Now onto the

Nerf Sidestrike..:

nerf zombie sidestrike nerf party blaster

  • The Nerf Sidestrike includes a pretty nifty little holster that you can loop your belt through. It also holds 4 more darts.
  • The aesthetics of the Sidestrike offer up a more realistic appearance, with no protruding priming handle or bar.
  • It’s more lightweight and easier to use and to wield for extended periods of time. (This mostly applies to younger Nerfers.)
  • The realistic pistol slide prime is preferred by many Nerfers, and it is super tacticool.
  • The grip on the Sidestrike is slightly more comfortable.
  • The Nerf Sidestrike comes with more darts than the Firestrike.

Nerf Firestrike vs Nerf Sidestrike: Conclusions.:

nerf firestrike vs nerf sidestrike

So which is the better Nerf blaster? The Nerf Sidestrike! In the end, though, it’s all subjective. It really comes down to personal preference. I personally prefer the Nerf Zombie Strike Sidestrike blaster. I love the realistic pistol slide priming action, and the overall aesthetic properties of the Sidestrike. For me, the handle was a lot more comfortable on the Sidestrike. The Firestrike has the secondary trigger and a little bump near the bottom of the grip that juts out just a little too much. I do like the Nerf Sidestrike holster, but I also do like the “laser” on the Nerf Firestrike. Both are great secondary blasters for your next Nerf War and so I give both a full recommendation! That’s all for this one, guys. Stay Nerfy.


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