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Nerf Elite Firestrike – Finding the Nite

Nerf elite FirestrikeNerf Elite Firestrike

 Note: Double your pleasure, double your fun. Use two of these guns. 
I'll let you know this upfront: You should buy two of these blasters.

nerf elite firestrikeThe Nerf Elite Firestrike is the direct successor to the N-Strike Nite Finder. It is a direct plunger blaster with a few built in attachments. It also has a tactical rail up top for even more Nerf gun attachments. Attached under the barrel is a laser sight! A “laser.” How cool is that? It’s not really a laser, but it’s still cool. It is actually a red colored flashlight with a target design. Nerf is calling it a red light beam unit. I’m going to go ahead and say it’s what puts the fire in “Firestrike.” You can activate the laser sight by holding down the small trigger on the pistol grip. This is the smaller trigger you see underneath the main trigger. The red light is visible for a little over 10 feet. There is also a clear section along the side of the Firestrike where the red light shines through. This looks very nice when it’s in darker areas. Also under the barrel is an ammo holder which stores two extra darts. The Firestrike shoots far and accurately, keeping in accordance with its Elite branding. To fire the Firestrike, first you must load a dart. The Nerf Elite Firestrike is a muzzle loaded blaster, which means you have to insert the dart right in the end of the barrel. Next, pull back the handle at the rear of the blaster. This is the plunger rod handle. Pull it back all the way and then pull the trigger. Simple. Rinse and repeat. 

Double Take

nerf firestrike predecessor, the nite finderHey guys. Look at your Nite Finder, now back to the Firestrike. Now back at the Nite Finder, now back to the Firestrike. Sadly, the Nite Finder isn’t the Firestrike. The Nerf Elite Firestrike looks way better. And I mean way better. The design is excellent and trumps the original design in every conceivable way. It’s smaller and sleeker, with a better color scheme. Remember at the beginning of the review when I told you to buy two? The Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike can also be dual-wielded. Yes, do a double take. You read that correctly. See that little lip on the bottom of the pistol grip? You can use that to pull back the plunger handle on another Firestrike, effectively cocking the gun. It will take time to get used to loading opposite Firestrikes while you still have a gun in each hand, but it can be done. The Nerf Elite Firestrike is a trusty backup weapon that never jams. What are you waiting for? Also available in: Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set. They also made a female version of the Firestrike for the Nerf Rebelle line of blasters. It’s called the Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush. It replaces the laser light with a bow attachment for the muzzle. It has been dipped in that Rebelle tribal paint and looks pretty snazzy.

Featured MOD.

nerf elite firestrike mod

Nerf Elite Firestrike Mod by Etsy user AlTheGeek. It includes an all black paint job, custom skull and crossbones emblem, scope and silencer attachments. Click the pic to check out more pics/info.

 Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike Blaster

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