Nerf Hail-Fire Review

nerf hail-fire

The Nerf Hail-Fire.

Welcome to the Nerf Hail-Fire review. I’ll be your host for the evening.

nerf hail-fire

They say better late than never, but never late is better.

The Nerf Hail-Fire was once the flagship Elite blaster. As one of the first blasters to release on the N-Strike Elite line, it exemplified everything the Elite blasters were supposed to stand for. Namely, a lot more storage capacity and a lot more firepower. The Nerf Hail-Fire definitely capitalizes on both of those aspects. It boasts a maximum storage capacity of 144 darts. It operates on 4 AA batteries and utilizes a flywheel mechanism. This means the Nerf Hail-Fire is semi-automatic, allowing for a dart to be shot every single time the trigger is pulled. No priming necessary.

The Hail-Fire Enterprise.

nerf hail-fire

Someone said the Nerf Hail-Fire’s round body makes it look like the Star Trek Enterprise starship. And now I can’t get that thought out of my head. It does look like a spaceship. I’ve got to say, I am not a fan of the design of the Nerf Hail-Fire. It is too bulky and wide and uncomfortable to hold and to wield. I honestly never had any interest in this blaster, really. But so many others seem to be infatuated. It is colored in the basic N-Strike Elite true blues colors. It has an excellent clear jam door. The main handle of this blaster looks like a shotgun pistol grip. It features the firing trigger and below that, there is the smaller acceleration trigger. There is a handle up top to hold the blaster while you fire. It reminds me of the KAC ChainSAW LMG from Call of Duty Ghosts. So at least I can pretend I’m having some fun when I use the Nerf Hail-Fire. If you turn the Nerf Hail-Fire upside down, you’ll see the innards of the giant magwell. You can insert up to 8 clips in this thing. The Hail-Fire can hold 4 drum clips, with 18, 25, or 35 darts. There are a few tactical rail mounts, but that’s all. The Nerf Hail-Fire can’t be used with shoulder stocks or extended barrels. There are no attachment points for those items. Oh well. You wouldn’t really need a stock on this anyway, this blaster is meant to be fired from the hip. Attach a sling strap and throw it over your shoulder, attach it to the sling points and you’re done.


nerf hail-fire

All Hail The Hail-Fire.

Not. This blaster insults us right off the bat. When you open the box of the advertised “highest capacity ever” Nerf blaster, you may be left wondering if something is missing. The Nerf Hail-Fire can hold up to 144 darts, right? So tell me why the blaster only comes with four 6-round clips and 24 darts. What!? Haha, but seriously. Nerf is pretty much forcing you to buy the Nerf Hail-Fire Upgrade Kit. Those tricky tricksters. Anyways. To fire this blaster, first we must load it up with batteries. The battery compartment is at the rear of the blaster and is behind a set of screws. Insert 4 AA batteries and then put back in the screws. Next, we must load it up with darts. Insert the 4 measly clips and some of your previously purchased clips if you have any. If you don’t, that’s fine, you don’t need to fill the Hail-Fire all the way up to use it. Next, just hold down the acceleration trigger and then press the main trigger. When you’re clip is empty, you’ll push the front carry handle forward and backwards again to advance the next clip. Not bad. The Nerf Hail-Fire hits the advertised 75 foot ranges with angled shots, it still manages a respectable 60 feet flat, though.

Featured MOD.

nerf hail-fire mod

This Nerf Hail-Fire Lego Tank remote controlled auto turret was the only thing I could find. Hahaha, this thing is crazy. Click the pic to check out the video of this on YouTube.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster

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