Nerf Hammershot Mod: 7 Shot Cylinder

nerf hammershot mod 7 shot cylinder

The last Nerf Hammershot Mod Kit that I reviewed was the Blasterparts Full Metal Hammershot Modification Kit. That kit was beyond awesome, but I just felt like it was missing something. Yeah. Something like a 3D PRINTED SEVEN SHOT CYLINDER?!

nerf hammershot mod 7 shot cylinder

Nerf Hammershot Mod: The 7 Shot Cylinder

Righto, so here it is, the glorious Nerf Hammershot Seven Shot Cylinder. It’s a 3D printed cylinder straight out of China, and it just might be one of the coolest Nerf Hammershot mod ideas to come to fruition. So, let’s check it out, huh? Let’s go!

What’s In The Box!?

nerf hammershot mod 7 shot cylinder

In the box, there’s… Wait, there is no box. This cylinder comes in a padded envelope, wrapped by several layers of additional bubble wrap. Sounds risky coming all the way from China, but it worked out well and my cylinder had no damage. Shipping did take a pretty long while, but it wasn’t too bad. Overall, I was mostly satisfied throughout the ordering experience from eBay, but boy… the things I do for a good Nerf Hammershot Mod! Once you take it out of the bag, this is what you’ll find. It’s one single piece. The rotation pillar is connected to the cylinder permanently and in the front there is no axle like on the stock Nerf Hammershot cylinder, or even on the Orange Mod Works cylinder. This didn’t seem to impact performance, though.

Nerf Hammershot Mod: 7 Shot Cylinder Installation.:

Installation is super duper easy and so I won’t go into too much detail in this article. All you need to do is unscrew your blaster, gently remove your current cylinder and drop this one in its place. It’s really that easy. The whole replacement should take about 5 minutes, and that’s pushing it. So, instead, just check out the video review of this cylinder from my YouTube channel. I’ve embedded it right above this paragraph to make things easier. Check it out!

Nerf Hammershot Mod: The Seven Round Cylinder Final Thoughts and Opinions.

Oh, boy. This is a tough one. If you’ve watched my YouTube video on this piece, you should know how I feel about it. I love the idea of this cylinder and when it works, it functions quite well and does what it intends to do: give you 2 extra shots for your Nerf Hammershot. Unfortunately for me, when I first got the cylinder, it didn’t function too well. It installed very easily and that was simple. However, once I started to test it out for the review… the performance degraded pretty rapidly. Soon, I was only able to fire about 2-4 shots successfully. That leaves 3-5 shots that were duds. The darts didn’t even exit the cylinder and if they did, they just fell out onto the floor. Disgraceful! After going back and forth and really pulling my hair out, I decided to try to remove the Air Restrictor from my Hammershot. This is one Nerf Hammershot mod that I didn’t really plan on doing, mostly because I love dry firing the Hammershot. After I removed the air restrictor, this cylinder worked flawlessly and I thought that was the solution. After conversing with several other Nerfers, though, I’ve heard a bunch of different things. People have received their cylinder in peak condition and it worked flawlessly out of the box. The people that got these perfect cylinders never had to remove the AR. Then, some people got cylinders which had such a loose dart fit in the chamber that darts would just fall out of the cylinder randomly. There really seems to be some kind of quality control issue with the Chinese manufacturer of this cylinder. Take all of that and then think about the fact that the Orange Mod Works kit exists. Then remember that there are now more than a few different options for 7 shot cylinders out there now. You have OutOfDarts selling his custom 7 shot Hammershot cylinders on You have JodoCast coming out with his own custom design of the 7 shot cylinder, which is actually looking pretty amazing right now. So, with all of these options available on the market, can I honestly give a full purchase recommendation for this Nerf Hammershot mod piece? Well, unfortunately, no. I can not in good faith offer a recommendation for this product. If you do decide to purchase it, it won’t be the worst, but I’d probably recommend one of the other options first. If you’re in the USA, OutofDarts or Orange Mod Works would be the much quicker option. And if you’re doing overseas anyway, JodoCast would probably be a good choice — He’s an amazing Nerf modder with a proven track record. Anyway, that’s all for this one, guys. Thanks for reading! Take care of yourselves, and each other. Blee out!

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