Nerf Lawbringer Review

nerf lawbringer

In a post-apocalyptic future, Earth is left a barren, lawless wasteland. Out of the ashes, a lone hero emerges to bring justice to a doomed land.

nerf lawbringer

Doomlands 2169: Nerf Lawbringer (REV-12)

The Hammershot has been one of the favored sidearm blasters for quite some time. With its smooth hammer action priming mechanism and its quick hair trigger, the Zombie Strike Hammershot was a fan favorite, for sure. Then, Orange Mod Works came along and designed the O-Tac Gear Hammershot S1 Mod Kit for the Hammershot. This gave the Hammershot a new 6 shot cylinder and a bunch of other goodies (You can see my review here). But, Nerf decided to one up them. Nerf decided to FlipFury the Hammershot…

Nerf Demolisher Aesthetics.:

There she is, the Nerf Lawbringer. Not a bad looking blaster. Though I don’t really know how to classify it. Would it be a rifle? A pistol with a really long barrel? It has a shoulder stock, but the stock is way too short to shoulder the blaster. It does, however, hold an additional 12 darts in the stock, which is enough to fully reload the blaster. It does have that long barrel, with a comfortable hand guard area down under the barrel. There are a few sling points and two tactical rails on the top of the blaster. The Nerf Lawbringer is painted in the same light orange and black colors of the other blasters in the Nerf Doomlands 2169 series. It still has a clear window on one side of the blaster to let you see how the internals function. (If you were wondering, this blaster functions just like the Nerf Hammershot.) Overall, the look and feel of this blaster is pretty good. The stock is too short to really function (outside of storing darts), but it looks pretty neat. The barrel is very cool looking and the overall design fits in with the Doomland theme perfectly.

Nerf Lawbringer Performance:

Since the internals work in the same exact way as the Hammershot, the Nerf Lawbringer performs almost exactly like the Hammershot. To shoot the Lawbringer, first load it up with 12 darts. Cock back the hammer and then pull the trigger. This will fire a single dart. Repeat the hammer cock and trigger pull until you’re out of darts. That’s it. It’s all pretty simple and naturally intuitive. The blaster reaches ranges of up to 55 feet, but average ranges were around 40 to 50 feet. The rate of fire is what you would expect from a hammer action blaster. It will shoot as fast as your thumb can prime it. The prime is easy and smooth and may actually be a bit better if you brace the blaster with the stock. This may alleviate any concerns you had about being able to reach the hammer without using your other hand. This is important for smaller Nerfers who may have had to resort to using two hands to prime the Hammershot effectively. The barrel on the Nerf Lawbringer is very large and oversized, so this does not impact the raw performance of the blaster whatsoever.

Nerf Lawbringer Final Thoughts.:

The Nerf Lawbringer is a winner. Not only do I like this blaster, it may just be my favorite out of the Nerf Doomlands 2169 series. I’m a big fan of the aesthetics, and I’ve already spoken about how I love the Doomlands paint jobs. The stock is way too short to be functional, but the overall design is very aesthetically pleasing. The blaster is also pretty tacticool for a blaster with a built in stock and no barrel attachment point. The two tactical rails up top help with that. Ultimately, though, this is a Nerf Hammershot with a larger, 12 shot cylinder. People always go straight to cutting down and minimizing the Lawbringer, but at that point, why not just get a Hammershot or two? That leads me to my final opinion: The Nerf Lawbringer doesn’t really have a place. It’s not really suitable to be a great primary, and it’s a little too large to be an efficient secondary. I really do like the Lawbringer, but I’d rather just grab my trusty Hammershot blasters. Akimboooooo!

nerf lawbringer

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  1. Yeah, I must agree, the demolishers aesthetics are much better than lawbringers aesthetics. Especially when the lawbringer has a lot in common with the demolisher.

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