Nerf MEGA HotShock: New Nerf News 2016!!

nerf mega hotshock

There’s only one picture out there of this blaster so far, but I think we know that one picture is worth a thousand words.

nerf mega hotshock blaster new nerf news 2016

Nerf MEGA HotShock Blaster.

Nerf Firestrike, nerf elite firestrikeSo this is it, the Nerf MEGA HotShock blaster. News of this blaster, and the image, was leaked on popular Chinese forum Baidu. We can determine from the pic that this is basically a Mega version of the Nerf Elite Firestrike blaster. And how amazing is that? The Firestrike comes from a long line of epic Nerf blasters and it’s the current go-to blaster if you want a powerful little single shot pocket pistol. It’s nice and compact, yet still packs quite a punch. And due to its simple, yet efficient, design, it was also a top candidate for mod projects. With a few tricks and maybe a bit of brass, the Firestrike was turned into a super powerful blaster. The Firestrike is front-loaded and that doesn’t seem to have changed when upgrading to MEGA calibre. Also like the Firestrike, is the pull-to-prime plunger rod sticking out of the back of the blaster. Yes, the Nerf Mega HotShock has a plunger rod handle, but it is markedly different than the one on the Firestrike. There is no loop and instead it resembles the simpler Nerf Elite Jolt/Nerf Mega BigShock priming rod. Other than that, there’s not too much to say. It has a really great looking aesthetic design and I’m quite excited to get my hands on it and see what it looks like in person. I love that skeletal design around the barrel. The dark grey on the top sticks out a bit and differs quite a bit from all of the othe Mega series blasters, which maintain a mostly red coloring overall. It doesn’t look bad, though, just different. Also, there seems to be a tactical rail underneath the barrel and a space to store one Mega dart on the top of the blaster, also like thebigshock Mega BigShock. The one negative thing I have to say about this is, what the heck were they thinking with the name of this? This is an absolutely horrible name and I really, really, really hope they change it before it releases in the US. The BigShock was originally being called the Big Shot when it was leaked, now I’m wishing this was being called the HotShot. At least that makes more sense! Even FireShock would be better. HotShock just sounds so weird. So anyway, that’s it. Thanks for reading! I don’t really have an outro, but … Tell me what you think of this blaster. Are you excited? Will you be picking one up? Does it have the worst name of all time? Let me know, down in the comments section below!

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