Nerf Mega Magnus Review

Nerf Mega Magnus

nerf mega magnus desert eagleOkay, am I the only one who is reminded of a Desert Eagle when I look at the Nerf Mega Magnus? The Magnus is big and oversized, like the Deagle. It uses huge Mega darts like the Deagle uses huge bullets. I can’t be the only one who thinks that, can I? This blaster looks totally bad ass. I’m already giving this blaster a 10 just based off of looks alone. I’m dubbing this gun the Desert Eagle of Nerf.

The Magnus has you…

nerf bullet dodge the matrix

This amazing Nerf bullet dodge (a la The Matrix) photo is too amazing. Photo Credit Adrian Sommeling.

What comes to mind when you think of Desert Eagles? For me, it’s got to be The Matrix. And If there was a Nerf Matrix out there, this is what the Agents would be using. This is the gun that Nerf Agent Smith would wield. Without a shadow of a doubt. The Nerf Mega Magnus is big. Like, really big. And it’s intimidating. The size of the Mega darts instantly instill fear in anyone who gazes upon them. With advertised ranges up to 85 feet, it’s also powerful. The sound it makes when you pull back the slide and the sound when it fires is immense. If you get hit by one of these Mega Darts, it actually stings a little bit. This dog has bite. Woof.

Free Your Mind

nerf mega magnus centurionOn the other hand, The Nerf Mega Magnus has a stigma to overcome. The Nerf Mega Centurion was the first Nerf Mega blaster. It admittedly looks pretty darn cool. But, that’s where the fun ends. Outside of it’s aesthetic properties, it is almost a complete failure. It jams frequently, irreparably damaging darts in the process. It held up to it’s claimed range of 100 feet, but only sporadically. Topping things off, was its poor accuracy. But, every cloud has a silver lining. The Nerf Mega Magnus does not share the weaknesses of its elder brother. This is a solid blaster. It has a three dart internal magazine. You pull the slide all the way back to load the darts, one by one. This is obviously not as quick as a detachable clip, but it gets the job done. You can also cock it back and front load one dart if you’re in a jam and need a quick shot. The huge Mega Darts shoot quickly and whistle as they fly through the air. They will land 60+ feet away, too. You’ll get the full 85 with an angled shot. You have to let it all go: fear, doubt, and disbelief. This is not the Centurion. Free your mind.

There Is No Spoon

Nerf Mega Magnus

So, that’s it. The only thing stopping you from picking up a Nerf Mega Magnus is you. That’s it. You’re your own worst enemy. If you listen to the hate surrounding this line of blasters, or make the assumption that all Mega blasters are the same, you’re only cheating yourself. This is a good product. The Nerf Mega Magnus also comes in a few different variations. The standard edition, or the Nerf Zombie Strike Z.E.D. Squad Magnus 2 Pack. Remember, the Nerf Mega Magnus uses a new, larger type of dart. So the need to stock up on ammo has never been more necessary. The refill pack here includes 10 Mega Darts to get you started. Were you listening to me, or were you looking at the blaster in the red paint? Look again. (You should be.)


nerf mega magnus

Featured MOD(s).

Nerf Mega Magnus gold mod  versus nerf mega magnus bam

Okay, I couldn’t just choose one this time. What do you guys think? Which one is better? We have two very different cosmetic mods here. On the left we have the excellent cel-shaded Gold style Nerf Mega Magnus by NiteMareChildDesign. On the right we have the Nerf Mega Magnus BAM, with its aged metal effects and it’s wrapped handle. Modwork by EclecticIndustries. I don’t know, I like them both. Click the pics to see more pics/info on Then tell me down in the comments which one you like best.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus Blaster

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    1. Yeah man, I remember you from Nerf Wiki forums. Thanks for commenting!

      The BAM probably does look better, and I like the wrapped handle. But I also am a fan of cel shaded stuff like in the Borderlands video games. That’s the way the other one is painted. So for me it was a tough choice.

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