Nerf Mega RotoFury Blaster

Nerf Mega RotoFury Blaster

Wow. I first wrote about this rumored blaster in my New Nerf Guns post a little while back. Back then everyone was referring to it as the Nerf Berzerker. Well, Hasbro has took the bag out of the cat now. Wait. Scratch that, reverse it. Anyway, a few of the top Nerf blogs just released info and pics of this new blaster and wow. Just wow. Introducing the new Nerf Mega RotoFury Blaster. This thing is a beaut. I absolutely love this blaster already. Its looks are on par with the CycloneShock(review here) as far as looks. If it matches or exceeds the performance of that blaster, well then, we have an instant winner. 

Nerf Mega RotoFury.

I can’t get over how amazing this blaster looks. I just can’t. If the CycloneShock is the Mega version of the Strongarm(review here), then the Nerf Mega RotoFury is definitely the Mega version of the Nerf Rampage. This is also the first Nerf Mega blaster to feature Slam Fire! Can you imagine using Slam Fire on these huge Mega whistler darts? The Nerf Mega RotoFury is able to hold 10 massive Mega darts in it’s oversized chambers. Like other Mega blasters, this blaster promises ranges reaching up to 90 feet. Outstanding!

Nerf Hath No RotoFury.

The Nerf Mega line didn’t start off too well. (Nerf Centurion, I’m looking at you.) But they just keep getting better and better. The Mega Magnus(check review) was pretty good. The BigShock was a cool Mega spin on the aging Nerf Jolt. The Nerf CycloneShock was simply amazing. And just looking at the Nerf Mega RotoFury has given me a Nerfgasm. For the first time, I can honestly see someone putting together a whole Nerf Mega Loadout. Release is supposed to be some time in the Fall. The leaves will be free. The blaster will be $34.99. But the Jack-O-Lantern’s for target practice will cost extra. I would keep checking on a regular basis for the Nerf Mega RotoFury. Keep checking until not a single leaf remains on your Autumn trees.

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