Nerf MEGA RotoFury Review

nerf rotofury nerf mega rotofury review

We’ve been waiting for this since the first MEGA blaster came out. Finally, we get a real Nerf MEGA primary blaster. Finally we get a Nerf MEGA blaster to be proud of, for sure.

nerf mega rotofury

Nerf N-Strike Mega Series RotoFury Blaster

When the Nerf MEGA line of blasters was first revealed, everyone was super excited… and then the Centurion came out. And then, my Nerfy friends, everyones frown was instantly turned upside down. Hope was lost (and so were a lot of darts). There was an imaginary sign that read “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” above the Nerf MEGA section in every retail store and online. Then, the Mega Magnus came out. “Hey, that’s no so bad!” was the general consensus. Hope slowly started to build again. Then they released the Mega Thunderbow and people went “What the heck is that?!” It was big and a little goofy, but if you liked bows it wasn’t so bad. It got pretty frickin’ good ranges and people started to wonder what else they could do with this “N-Strike MEGA” series of blasters. 2015 came and saw two more Mega blaster releases. There was the Mega BigShock, which was basically a Mega Jolt. Then the CycloneShock came out and then everyone loses their minds! They basically took a Nerf Strongarm and gave it the MEGA treatment. And boy, was it awesome! The Nerf Mega line had its first great blaster, but it will still only a secondary. What about a primary for the Mega series? Well, look no further… Ladies and gents, I present to you the first Mega primary, the Nerf MEGA RotoFury blaster!

The Nerf Mega RotoFury Name: Marking the Beast.

nerf mega rotofury

While the Doominator had an intimidating name, it’s got nothing on the Nerf Mega RotoFury. Equally intimidating and descriptive, the RotoFury name is the most fierce name we’ve had for a blaster in quite a while. “Roto” for the 10-Dart rotating drum cylinder. “Fury” for the fast and furious pump-action firing that the blaster affords its master. Sweet.

The Nerf MEGA RotoFury: How It Works.:

nerf mega rotofury internals

The Nerf Mega RotoFury works like any other pump-action Nerf blaster. Though the internals are different, it functions pretty much like a Mega version of the Nerf Elite Rampage. The only difference is the RotoFury uses a rotating drum instead of the clip system that the Rampage uses. To fire the RotoFury, first you must load it up with 10 of those massive Mega Whistler Darts. (Duh). Grab the forward pistol grip priming handle. Pull it back towards you all the way and then push it forward, all the way to its original position. The RotoFury is now fully primed and ready to fire. Pull the trigger to fire a single dart. You must fully pump the priming handle each time you want to fire a dart. The Nerf Mega RotoFury also has the “Slam-Fire” firing mode. In this mode, you are able to rapidly fire your darts by holding the trigger down and then continuously “slamming” the priming handle back and forth repeatedly. A dart will fire each time the handle is pushed all the way forward, back to its original ready position.

The Nerf MEGA RotoFury: Furyan Design.

nerf mega rotofury blaster

The RotoFury has one of the best designs of any Nerf blaster to date. With its sharp lines and aggressive red coloring, it’s simply breathtaking. The orange safety colors and the white accents really help make the Nerf Mega RotoFury stand out. But it’s not just all about looks. The RotoFury is highly functional as well. The main handle on this blaster is huge and actually allows extra wiggle space when I’m holding it in my hand. This is surely a blaster that Bobololo would enjoy holding. The priming handle, while not as large, fits perfectly and is very comfortable. I did however run into the problem with the cylinder guard hitting or bumping my hand during priming or Slam-Firing the blaster. And it hurt. A lot. You have to be careful with how you hold this blaster and make sure you angle your hand out to the side. Overall, though, the RotoFury blaster is very comfortable and it’s a blast to use. The only thing that could make it better is if it had a shoulder stock. But alas, you can’t even add one yourself — The Nerf Mega RotoFury has no stock attachment point. It has no extended barrel attach point either, though there aren’t any barrels big enough to be able to fit a Mega Dart through it, so I understand that one. Rounding out the RotoFury design are 3 sling attachment points and 1 very large tactical rail.

Fast and Fury-ous.: The Nerf MEGA RotoFury Performance.

nerf mega rotofury performance

When I took the RotoFury out of the box, the first thing I noticed was its size. Then I noticed how great it felt to hold. But all of that paled in comparison to the first time I primed and fired the blaster. I hadn’t even loaded it with darts yet, so it was a dry-fire,  but I was still impressed. The ratchety sound that it makes when you prime it? The massively loud sound that it makes when you fire it? This thing just reeks of power, and I love it. After loading each of the 10 included Mega Darts into their tight little chambers, I picked the RotoFury up and held it in both hands. I knew I was prepared and ready to fire. I fired a single dart. I was not ready. It quite literally screamed through the air, all the way across my apartment, and crashed into the wall with a loud thud. See, the Mega Darts are whistlers. So when they say it screams through the air, they mean it. The darts whistle very loudly just a short while after firing them. The sound is akin to a banshee. Whistler Darts never get old, for me anyway. Each time I fire them is like the first time. Throughout my testing with the RotoFury, it has proved itself to be a very reliable blaster. I didn’t experience any jams whatsoever. The power level of the blaster is unquestionable and surely it has to be over 9,000! It consistently sent darts 60+ feet down range. I can also tell you that getting hit with one (or a volley) of those Mega Darts really stings when fired from the RotoFury. The pain comes in quick succession too, thanks to the pump grip and the trusty rotating cylinder. All in all, awesome performance from the RotoFury!

Down Fury Road… or Mega RotoFury Conclusions.

nerf mega rotofury

So the N-Strike MEGA Series finally gets a true primary. The Mega RotoFury fills its primary blaster shoes with ease. I put it in the hoop because it’s a slam dunk! It is easily the best blaster on the Mega lineup and that’s a fact. It’s also got the single highest ammo capacity of any other Mega blaster (even more than the Centurion, which uses Mega Clips). The Nerf Mega RotoFury is everything you could ask for; it’s the whole package. Strong and powerful fast, smooth, reliable and beautiful. The only way they could top this is if they release a Mega version of the Alpha Trooper, complete with a Mega Clip System and a stock attachment point. Fin.

nerf mega rotofury

Nerf N-Strike Mega Series RotoFury Blaster

If you want to check the Nerf MEGA RotoFury blaster out in full motion, check out my video review on YouTube!

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  1. The nerf mega line is so good! I am willing to sell some of my elite blisters to get those one! I am hoping to have a nstrike elite mega arsenal full of mega guns, and this is a must-have

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