Nerf Mega Thunderbow

nerf mega thunderbow

Nerf is on a bow streak right now. Nerf bows have never been so hot. This bow came out a while ago, but it definitely added to bow frenzy that’s going on. The bow I’m talking about is of course the Nerf MEGA ThunderBow Blaster. This big, bad bow is available on Amazon right now. So you can pick it up right after you read this review. Aha.

The Nerf MEGA ThunderBow!nerf mega thunderbow

It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of bows. That’s probably why this review was a long time coming. However, I couldn’t resist forever. Seeing the maintained popularity of this Nerf Mega Thunderbow in particular has made me start to wonder what was so good about this big red bow. It’s not the Big Bad Bow, but it is a big bad boy, for sure. This is one of the few blasters that not only meets its advertised ranges, but in some cases surpasses them completely. That’s right, the Nerf Mega Thunderbow is able to clear 100 feet with an angled shot.nerf mega thunderbow Magnificent.

To fire the Nerf Mega Thunderbow, you load it up full of Mega Darts (it holds 5). Then you hold the bow in one hand and pull back the drawstring with the other. The string will pull back the bow arms, which in turn primes the blaster. When you let the string go, the arms move forward and the dart is launched out of the bow. It’s quick and requires little effort. But the distance the dart will fly is very satisfying. The Thunderbow is a winner in that regard.

Nerf Mega ThunderBow Bottom Line.

So is this huge hulking blaster worth it? Is the Nerf Mega Thunderbow worth your time and effort and most of all your money? Well, that depends. It has the most consistently deep ranges of any other Nerf Mega blaster. It does have a mostly unique firing mechanism that is actually a lot of fun. It fires five darts before you have to reload, which is above average for a Mega blaster. It looks pretty cool. A little weird, but mostly cool. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon. So, with that said, I’ll say this: If you’re into Bows, then heck yeah. Get the Nerf Mega Thunderbow now. It’s selling for a few bucks off the list price over on

nerf mega thunderbow

“Bows are so hot right now.” – Jacobim Mugatu

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Nerf Mega ThunderBow Blaster

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