Best Nerf Gun: Nerf Modulus Blaster?

best nerf gun nerf modulus

So we’ve got some new information on the Nerf Modulus and it’s accessory kits! If you remember from my post, New Nerf Guns 2015: Nerf Modulus, I speculated about  what exactly would be in the new Nerf accessories upgrade kits. Well, allow me to shine the light on what the Nerf Modulus upgrade kits are all about. Awesomely Nerf got a tip from an anonymous user on Facebook. The tip included various images that appear to be from some kind of product catalogue. I’ll share the images and get into the information that was leaked. Here we go, uh break it down. 

Nerf N-Strike Elite XD Modulus ECS-10.

new nerf guns 2015 nerf modulus

Either I wasn’t paying attention before, or they are now referring to the Modulus as an Elite XD blaster. This leak seems to confirm that the Modulus will be a part of the Elite XD line of blasters. That means we can expect ranges of at least 90 feet, angled anyway. The pictures also seem to refer to the Modulus as a full-auto flywheel blaster. Sweet. Then it restates the other features of the blaster; 10 dart banana clip, detachable stock, scope, and grip. Also of note is that it claims there will be white darts with orange tips, to match the coloring of the blaster itself. Sounds good! This might be the best nerf gun we’ve had in years!

Nerf N-Strike Elite XD Modulus Mission Kit.

This kit comes with an orange shield, a la the Stampede, and a pretty cool looking shoulder stock. The stock appears to also double as a single-shot blaster itself! It looks sort of like a beefy Nerf Jolt. It’s not clear if the shoulder stock blaster must be removed to be fired or if it fires while still attached to the main blaster. Either way, I’m impressed.

Nerf Stryfe - best nerf gun

The Elite Nerf Stryfe CS-18 Mission Kit includes everything you need. It was one of the first “Mission Kits.”


Nerf N-Strike Elite XD Modulus Stealth Kit.

The next kit to be revealed is the Stealth Kit. This includes a *brand new* Pinpoint Sight! What!? I am already too excited. Hasbro, shut up and take my money! The new pinpoint sight looks excellent. This kit also includes a short barrel which seems to resemble a muzzle brake or flash suppressor. There is also a short forward grip, that can fold up. Really good stuff, Nerf.

nerf spectre best nerf gun

Here is the Nerf Elite Spectre, touted as a “Customizable Stealth Blaster.”


Nerf N-Strike Elite XD Modulus Range Kit.

This upgrade kit includes a sniper scope, a bipod, and a long extended barrel. The scope looks really good. Like really good, better than anything I’ve seen before. “Tacti-cool,” for sure. This will effectively turn your Modulus into a sniper rifle, most definitely. It’s about time we get a new sniper!

nerf centurion vs nerf longstrike which is the best nerf gun

A picture of the Nerf Longstrike. Just because I love it so much.


Nerf N-Strike Elite Elite XD Modulus Ammo Kit.

This kit includes what appears to be a new version of the Flip Clip. It includes two 12-dart clips, with a connector in the middle allowing the clips to be connected. That way, when you run out of ammo, you just pull out the clip and flip it over and stick it back in. Giggity. The Ammo Kit comes with 24 darts, quite possibly the new orange tipped white darts.

best nerf gun flip clip

The old N-Strike Flip Clip Refill Kit. It included two 6-dart clips, the clip connector, and 30 darts.

Best Nerf Gun Attachment/Accessory Upgrade Kits Round Up.

Those are the kits. The Flip Clip upgrade is now known as the Ammo Kit. No predictions were needed for that, we always knew what that was going to be. The Range kit, formerly known as the Long Range kit, was what was to be expected. I was right on the money with that prediction, as I said it would include an extended barrel and a better scope. The Stealth kit, which we were referring to as the Stealth Ops kit, included more than what I was expected. I speculated that it would include a laser sight and silencer. It comes with a new pinpoint sight and a flash suppressor. I was close. The Strike N Defend kit is now the Mission kit. I said it would include a shield and an under-barrel mounted foam grenade launcher, like the Demolisher. I was half right on that one. I think I did pretty well!

The New Best Nerf Gun?

So whoomp, there it is. I am very excited about this, to say the least. If this isn’t shaping up to be the best Nerf gun ever, I dunno. It’s at least going to be a huge step in the right direction. It’s definitely the best Nerf gun attachments kits ever. I love all of these Nerf accessories and I haven’t even used them yet. I haven’t seen any clear pictures and I already am waiting impatiently for their release. Good show, Nerf. Hasbro, I’m proud of you guys. I feel like I’m going to cry. I’ll sit back and shed a few happy tears, and smile like a proud father watching his only son who made it. Here’s to the Nerf Modulus, what very well may be the best nerf gun of 2015.

For the pictures and the full story, head over to the popular Nerf blog, Awesomely Nerf.


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    1. I just like the idea behind the whole Modulus series… the fact that Nerf is open to modular blasters with interchangeable attachments and the large scale productions of individual or kits of tacticool attachments is just awesome to me.

      However, the Modulus is a great blaster — very similar to a Nerf Stryfe. Maybe you just have a lemon? If you’re interested, I can tell you some quick and easy mods that will boost performance on your Modulus blaster (unless it is broken in some way)

      Thanks for commenting!

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