Nerf Modulus Kits Close Combat Upgrade Kit

Nerf Modulus Kits: Close Quarters Upgrade Kit

The Nerf Modulus ECS-10 arrived last summer and changed the Nerf accessory market forever. Things will never be the same again. Luckily, this is a good thing. Prepare for yet another Nerf Modulus Upgrade Kit. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Nerf Modulus Kits: Close Quarters Upgrade Kit

Nerf Modulus Kits: Close Combat Upgrade Kit.

Another day arrives and so do more Nerf Modulus kits. I love it. This time, things are a bit different. This is the first time that Nerf didn’t manufacture the kit themselves. These new Close Combat Nerf Modulus kits were designed by PerpetualPlayGroup. PPG is a third party company that holds the license to make officially branded Nerf accessories. They usually make foam melee weapons, so this is right up their alley. Let’s see how their new upgrade compares to the other Nerf Modulus kits. On to the review!

What’s In The Box?

Nerf Modulus Kits: Close Quarters Upgrade Kit

In  the box for the Close Combat Nerf Modulus kits, you’ll  find three main pieces. You’ll find the Nerf Modulus Rail Blade attachment, which is basically a Nerf foam bayonet. You’ll also find two stunner grenades and their accompanying attachment clips. Take a closer look…

Nerf Modulus Kits: Close Combat Kit Breakdown.:

Nerf Modulus Kits: Close Quarters Upgrade KitFirst up is the Nerf Modulus Rail Blade attachment. This is a Nerf bayonet and it is pretty awesome! I love the way this thing looks. It’s fashioned after a newer model bayonet, thankfully, because older bayonets are pretty huge. So this thing looks super duper cool on virtually any Nerf blaster you would want to use it with. Holding it in the hands like a tac knife is actually pretty comfortable, too, despite the hard plastic attachment point on the top of the handle. The foam blade is fairly durable and soft enough to jab, poke, cut, and slice with reckless abandon.


Nerf Modulus Kits: Close Quarters Upgrade KitNext up are the Nerf Modulus Stunners. These are supposed to be stun grenades. Seems like another attempt at monetizing the sock grenades from HvZ. Anyway, they clip on to the side, top, bottom, wherever on your Nerf blaster. They slide right onto the tactical rail and are held on pretty tight and secure. When you need to grab one to throw (at a zombie, I suppose?), they come off quickly and easily. They also look pretty cool, even though when I first saw them in promotional pictures I had no idea what they were supposed to be. At one point I even (foolishly) thought they might be some kind of gun tap buffers.



Nerf Modulus Kits: Close Combat Upgrade Kit Final Thoughts.:

The Close Combat Upgrade Kit is definitely the most obscure of the Nerf Modulus kits. This is because it’s the only kit of all the Nerf Modulus kits to not be manufactured by Hasbro. This kit has not been marketed as widely and it’s just not as widely available. So, this review is me doing my part to get this product out there. I think it’s a pretty novel idea and I welcome it and more like it, but that’s not going to happen if nobody knows it even exists. As to my opinion on the kit, overall I like it. I am absolutely in love with the bayonet and I think the stunners look pretty cool. However, the stunners are way too light to be effectively thrown more than 5 feet. This is pretty much a fail for me. I do like the idea behind it, though. Clipping them on to the blaster was a cool thing to do. If you play mostly indoors, the lack of range on the stunners may not even be a problem for you. Not too bad overall. And I’d honestly buy the whole kit just for the rail blade bayonet thingy. That’s my two cents. Thanks for reading.

Close Combat Upgrade Kit


Quickly customize your Modulus system with the Close Quarters Combat Upgrade Kit. The Modulus Rail Blade combined with dual Modulus Stunners provide the perfect accessories for tag-team battle whilst providing you with the edge in any NERF combat.


  • Comes with 2 rail mount clips to attach to any Modulus blaster
  • Durable foam material
  • Comes with rail mount clip on blade for attachment to any Modulus blaster
  • Textured grip


  • Dimensions (inches): Stunners: 3.15×3.74×3.66 in
  • Dimensions (inches): Blade: 5×14.96×1.77 in
  • Age Range: 6+

9 thoughts on “Nerf Modulus Kits Close Combat Upgrade Kit

    1. Just brute force it… It’s a super tight fit on the newer tac rails, like on the Modulus. Just angle the front upwards and pull… The bayonet is tough so it shouldn’t break, but be careful.

    1. Yeah, they haven’t started to sell it separately yet. And the way the inventory looks for this product, I doubt it will ever be sold separately. You’ll probably just want to keep an eye on it at and hope for a sale on the full kit.

  1. I really need it but Amazon doesn’t sell it anymore, also I can’t find it anywhere… Please someone sell me one 🙁

    1. Yeah, man. That’s tough. It’s being sold for over $250 every time I see it now. It’s gonna be hard to find, for sure. Just keep checking Amazon every so often. They randomly get extra stock of some items at random. But you’ve got to check frequently. Good luck

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