Nerf Modulus Kits: Why I’m Excited

nerf modulus blaster nerf modulus kits

Here it goes, right off the bat.: The No.1 Reason I’m excited for the Nerf Modulus.:

nerf modulus kits modulus upgrade kits

Nerf Modulus Kits.

new nerf modulus stealth ops upgrade kit attachmentsSurprise, one of the main reasons I’m so excited for the upcoming Nerf Modulus blaster is in the kits. It’s the kits, baby! The Nerf Modulus kits represent a change for Nerf. A change both physical and figurative that is so substantial it’s almost palpable. The impending release of the Nerf Modulus and the Nerf Modulus Kits seems to encourage a return to more traditional values for Nerf. It goes back to a time where Nerf would embrace the aftermarket Nerf gun attachments consumer fan base. See, I named this website after one of my most favorite aspects of the Nerf blaster scene.; the attachments. Like I’ve said before, I absolutely love the tactical(tacticool?) abilities inherent to every Nerf blaster.
nerf modulus ecs 10 blaster barrel extensionThey all come with tactical rail mounts, most of them have barrel and stock attachment points. They are all interchangeable and highly customizable. And there was a time when Nerf used to make use of all of these attachment points. There was a time when Nerf released attachments and accessories kits and packages. Now, we have to depend on attachments included with blasters. And unfortunately, even that doesn’t happen often enough. Look at the Nerf Demolisher. Great gun, right? But just imagine for a moment if the Nerf Demolisher’s underbarrel grenade launcher was detachable. Imagine, if you will, being able to remove it from the Demolisher and throwing it right onto a Rapidstrike. Imagine that. Nerf seemingly missed out big time with that one. But moving on and looking toward the future, I see hope. I see the Nerf Modulus Kits. The release of the Nerf Modulus says to me that Nerf is ready to return to the
nerf modulus kits strike n defend stockNerf gun attachments market in full force. It represents a climate change, so to speak. Look at the heavy focus on attachments and upgrade kits with the Modulus. Look at how heavy they are advertising the different possibilities and configurations of that blaster. Not only does the Nerf Modulus come with several attachments in the box, but different Nerf Modulus Kits will be available for purchase. They’ve announced 4 kits so far, but you can guarantee that there will be more on the way in the future.

nerf modulus toy fair ny 2015

I just felt the need to point those things out, because although there is a lot of budding excitement for this blaster, there’s a lot of hate too. There is a lot of “meh” going around. There’s a lot of “oh, it’s just a Stryfe reshell.” There’s a lot of this, that, and the third. Well, let me be clear: there’s nothing particularly special about the Nerf Modulus. There, I said it. It is very similar to the Stryfe or the Demolisher. It seems to be around the same size as the Demolisher, but without the foam grenade launcher, obviously. It even uses the same banana clip as the Demolisher. It has a carry handle similar to the one on the Rapidstrike. Yes, that is all true. The most original thing about the Nerf Modulus is the paint job. That, and the existence of the Nerf Modulus Kits of course. And while those upgrade kits will work with any blaster, the new color scheme ensures that those parts will stick out like a sore thumb if attached to most current Elite blasters. But like I mentioned earlier, it’s not about the Modulus, per se, it’s about what the Modulus represents. Not to mention the Modulus has oft been rumored as not only a new blaster, but the forerunner for a whole new line of blasters from Nerf. Keep that in mind.

new nerf modulus blaster info nerf modulus kits

So let’s take a look at some comparison pictures. See if you can spot the similarities.

nerf stryfe mission kit nerf modulus kits comparisonnerf stryfe mission kit nerf modulus kits comparison

The Stryfe CS-18 Mission Kit in the box and then fully assembled.

nerf modulus ecs 10 blaster boxnew nerf modulus blaster

The Nerf Modulus ECS-10 in the box and then fully assembled.

nerf modulus toy fair ny 2015nerf demolisher nerf modulus kits

The Nerf Modulus side by side with a Nerf Demolisher (with underbarrel launcher removed)

new nerf guns 2015 nerf modulusnerf_demolisher_angle

The Nerf Modulus and the Nerf Demolisher being aimed by Nerf Models.

Well, there you have it. Are you excited for the upcoming Nerf Modulus blaster? Are you anxious to get your hands on those Nerf Modulus kits? Or is all of this a big bore? Let me know how you really feel and sound off in the comments section down below. Nerf on, Nerfers!

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