Nerf Modulus Motorized Blaster

nerf modulus motorized blaster

Whoa! I was just browsing through the Nerf section at Amazon when I discovered this gem…

nerf modulus motorized blaster


Suprise! Amazon is selling the Nerf Modulus, sans all attachments, at a lower price point. Wow.

Okay, alright. Alright! So I was on Amazon tonight looking for deals and sales on Nerf blasters to share with you guys and then I stumble across this. A Nerf Modulus stripped of all of its accessories and attachments and sold by itself! It doesn’t come with the stock or the scope or the grip or even a clip! I for one think this is a great idea! Builds into the modular aspect of this blaster. This allows you to get the base blaster at a smaller price point than the regular Modulus ECS-10 blaster. This is great if you just want to mix and match and pick and choose all of your parts. Especially if you weren’t a fan of some of the blasters included with the Modulus ECS-10 to begin with. Also if all you wanted was the base Nerf Modulus blaster, you can pick one up for not too much more than your everyday Nerf Stryfe. Excellent! This is too cool. Nerf must be behind this too, because this thing is shipped and sold by Amazon directly. No 3rd party marketers trying to capitalize on a good thing here. This is pure and from the source. And I love it. The pricing on this puts it squarely in between the Stryfe and the Nerf Demolisher. I’ll definitely be picking up a 2nd Nerf Modulus motorized blaster now!

The Nerf Modulus Motorized Blaster


Seriously, I wonder if this was Nerf’s plan all along. And I also wonder if they will be selling the attachments that came with the original Modulus ECS-10 as a standalone kit as well. All very interesting prospects. You’ll notice there’s no standard packaging available for this base Nerf Modulus motorized blaster. That’s fine with me! The Frustration-Free Packaging is actually quite nice and very easy to open and get everything else. Unlike most standard packaging. That goes for anything, not just Nerf guns. Wow. I’m mostly ranting and raving in this post, but I just can’t believe it… this Nerf Modulus motorized blaster is just too cool. Two options, two different ways to buy. This kinda reminds me of when Microsoft came out with the Xbox One and people complained about the Kinetic and that the Xbox One was too expensive and they shouldn’t be forced to buy the Kinect. Microsoft eventually released a cheaper model without the Kinect. The Kinect can still be purchased separately. Well, this is pretty much the same thing. Nerf has now given you a second option, a cheaper option for those that don’t necessarily need or want all of those attachments. And just like before, I think this is a great idea! Now you can just get this and then go straight into the Stealth Ops kit! Or the Long Range kit, or Strike and Defend, or just a Flip Clip. Whatever!

What do you think, Nerf Nation? Will you be picking up the Nerf Modulus motorized blaster? Let me know how you really feel, down below in the comments section!!


nerf modulus red dot pinpoint sight nerf modulus banana clip

Whoa! Nerf has quite literally answered our prayers with this one! If you’ve read through my site, you know I was kind of miffed about the lack of official attachment support from Hasbro or Nerf. Well, no more! With the arrival of the Nerf Modulus, we saw a huge support for packaged in attachments again. Then, we saw this blaster up above, which was the Nerf Modulus sans all attachments. NOW I can see that Amazon is selling each and every one of the Nerf Modulus Upgrade Kit attachment pieces SEPARATELY. You can buy any of those attachments from the kits all by itself! This is too amazing. Looks like this might be an Amazon exclusive, too. I haven’t heard anything about this or seen this happening anywhere else. Anyways, enjoy! And don’t forget to tell me how you really feel, Nerf Nation, down below in the comments section… Wow. Click HERE for the full listing of ALL of the Nerf Modulus Attachments!


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  1. Wow! This is great because I already have the stealth ops kit, and I don’t necessarily want everything that comes with the modulus!

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