Nerf Modulus: Nerf 2015

nerf modulus toy fair ny 2015

nerf modulus blaster

Ah, the Nerf Modulus. I could write articles about this blaster all day and I haven’t even used it yet. I’m pretty sure I’m in the infatuation stage with the Modulus. In case you need a refresher course about what this blaster is and what it means for the industry, well here you go.

The Nerf Modulus in 2015

nerf modulus toy fair ny 2015

The bare bones Nerf Modulus, stripped down of all its attachments.

The Nerf Modulus is an upcoming N-Strike Elite XD blaster that promises to shift the focus back to Nerf Gun Attachments. It is a semi-automatic, flywheel powered, electric clip system blaster. It is most often compared to the Nerf Elite Stryfe. The Stryfe was a great little blaster when it was released and it still holds its own with the big boys today. The Nerf Modulus aims to be the most modifiable, easily customizable, “modular” blaster available for purchase. It comes with several attachments in the box already and 4 more upgrade kits have been announced so far. That brings us back to another Nerf Stryfe comparison. The Nerf Stryfe released in a Mission Kit package which included a Retaliator barrel and foregrip, a Stockade buttstock, and an 18 dart clip. People are saying the Nerf Modulus is nothing but an Elite XD version of the Stryfe. To these people I say, “So what?” What this blaster offers is great, but what it represents is even greater. To see a shift back to a focus on individually sold attachments and accessories is great. I’m extremely excited about this. All of the Nerf Modulus attachments have been confirmed to use the standard attachment system, too. That means all of these attachments will be fully interchangeable, not only for the Modulus, but on any blaster with attachment points.

Nerf Stryfe

The blaster the Nerf Modulus is being compared to, the N-Strike Elite Nerf Stryfe.


The Nerf Modulus Upgrade Mission Kits.

nerf modulus upgrade kits

The Nerf Modulus blaster pictured with all of its packaged attachment Upgrade Kits.

nerf modulus strike n defend stockThere it is, the Nerf Modulus pictured with all of the Upgrade Kits that will be available at launch. I’ve already gone over what each of these kits entail, so I’ll just make some general observations about what we see here. Now that we’ve gotten a closer look at these things, I can say they seem to be very good, diverse offerings. The shoulder stock with the integrated Nerf Jolt inspired blaster? I love it. That was a really great idea. The new Pinpoint Sight? Amazing. I’ve been dying to get more of the original Pinpoint Sights, but they are hard to find for a good price. The new Flip-Clip? I’m a huge fan. Two 12 dart clips? That’s genius. The way it is setup is more realistic and I feel like I’m right back in CoDBlops 2 again. All in all, there is a lot to play with and mix and match to come up with “1,000’s of combinations.” I love it and I look forward to more Upgrade Kits and even other Modulus blasters to release in the future.

42 thoughts on “Nerf Modulus: Nerf 2015

  1. Where did you hear that? The Nerf Modulus is semi-automatic, meaning you have to pull the trigger each time you want to fire a dart.

    1. Because the ECS part of the name. The CS means it’s clip system, and the was only in two other blasters, the Stampede, and the Vulcan, both full auto, and the Modulus is also one too.

      1. The Cam ECS was semi and it had ECS in it’s name. ECS means electronic clip system. So you can call the stryfe ECS If you wanted.

    1. Oh, I see what you’re saying. But from my understanding, the E just means it’s Electric. ECS = Electric Clip System. It would be cool if the Modulus was full auto, or even select fire. As things seem now, though, the Modulus is going to be similar to an Elite XD version of the semi-auto Nerf Stryfe.

      1. Nerf has made only 2 guns with the E, the Vulcan EBF-25 and the Stampede ECS, both being full-auto blasters, with similar characteristics, size-wise, at least.

    1. Jaycie, thanks for commenting.

      Yes! The Rapidstrike is 100% full-auto. In fact, the Rapidstrike and the Rhino-Fire are the only current blasters available that are fully automatic.


  2. the rapidstrike is full auto and it’s a CS-18. So I cannot deny or confirm anything about the Modulus’ firing type, but you sure are wrong with the ECS part meaning semi auto. No offense.

  3. Yes I agree. It’s not going to be full auto. If it is I’m going to cry, get the extra ammo kit, or just use my 18 dart clip, fill it up, get the red dot attachment, and a stock, and a cool barrel, and make an awesome machine gun. If it’s semi auto, I’m going to make it a sniper.

    1. Hey, Megan. Thanks for commenting.

      I can tell you that the Modulus attachments will absolutely fit onto the Nerf Stryfe. And if you have the orange Stryfe, the colors match up pretty well, too! So the answer to your question is yes, definitely. If you check out my other, more recent post about the Modulus, you’ll also be delighted to know that Amazon is selling all Modulus attachments individually of the blaster. So if you just wanted a few attachments for your Stryfe, you could do things that way. Check it out: Nerf Modulus Motorized Blaster. Enjoy!

      1. Will the modulus kits fit onto the nerf demolisher? I want to add the strike and defend kit stock to my demolisher, and the face guard to my roughtcut

        1. Yes, the Modulus Kits fit onto the Nerf Demolisher with no issues. Just remember the Demolisher doesn’t have any under-barrel tactical rails, so foregrip attachments will be useless on it…

          1. So, will the kits work with any Nerf gun regardless of the series? I’ve got the Centurion and it would be sick with some of these attachements

          2. Some parts will fit, others will not. Any attachments from the kits that go on tactical rails will work with any Nerf Gun released within the last 8 years basically. But the barrels only work with guns that fire Elite darts. That means that any barrel attachment from the Modulus kits will not work with the Centurion. The scopes, sights, and bipods and stuff like that will work with anything. The barrels, no. Also, no Mega gun had a stock attachment point, so those won’t work either. I hope that answers the question to your satisfaction. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Make sure you have the jam access door is fully closed. That’s the grey sliding door under the carry handle. If that’s open even a little bit, the gun will not function at all.

    2. If that doesn’t work, make sure the batteries are installed properly. It sounds silly, but just try it. Pop out the batteries and put them in again. Last, check inside of the mag well to make sure there are no darts or any other loose items stuck inside the gun.

    1. The amount of combos you can make with the Modulus is around 30. However, If you purchase all of the upgrade kits, the possible number of combinations is over 1,000.

  4. Make sure the jam door is all the way closed. It’s the gray sliding access door under the carry handle. Also, double check for jams. Look all the way inside the blaster. Look through the jam door, through the magwell, and even down the barrel. (Don’t let your son see you doing this. lol.) Next, try new batteries. I know you said the batteries are new, but just try again anyway. Make sure the batteries are in the right way. Make sure the mags are loaded and inserted properly. Remove and insert them a few times. It should be smooth and it should click when inserted all the way. Make sure the small trigger on the handle is working properly. Click it in and release it several times. Let me know if any of these things help.

    And thanks for visiting the site!!


  5. Modulus Jams with every bullet. New battery’s fitted to try and fix the fault but no different. The fans (wheels)are making noise bullet goes half into the barrel and stops everytime….
    Was got for Christmas….

      1. If that’s the case, you should try to return it to the store and exchange it for a new one. That’s a weird problem and I don’t want to tell you to try to fix something like that, unless it was your only option. Try to contact the retailer you purchased from and get a new one… It should not have the same problem.

  6. my son has been promised a new nerf gun as a reward! he wants the elite rampage but wants to start collecting the upgrade kits. will these fit this nerf gun or should i tell him he needs to get a modulus gun to go with upgrade kits? sorry hopeless mother!

  7. Thank you for writing this. I am a mom of a 10 year old boy and his christmas list say “nerf modular” so google brought me to you. This page helped me clear up many questions and I think christmas morning is going to be epic. Now to decided what he gets to open first!

    1. You are most welcome. Thanks for commenting! I gotta tell you, though, the information on this page is a tiny bit outdated. There have been some newer Nerf blasters that have released since I wrote that article. The two newest ones are the Nerf Modulus Recon Mark II( and the Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike( Of the two, the Tri-Strike seems to be the more popular one. Hope this helps.

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