Nerf Modulus Review

nerf modulus ecs 10 blaster box nerf modulus review

It all started with that little Nerf Elite Stryfe blaster, but it didn’t end there, no. The Stryfe led to the Demolisher and the Nerf Cam and even the Rapid Red. But the Stryfe has also led us inexorably to this point; the Nerf Modulus ECS-10 Blaster and hence, the Nerf Modulus review.

nerf modulus ecs 10

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

Now as this Nerf Modulus Review kicks off, let me tell you where my head is at. I’ve been really really really looking forward to the Nerf Modulus. Since it was first rumored, since it was first confirmed, even since I first saw that “ugly” paint scheme, I was dying for this blaster to come out. I was looking forward not only to getting my paws on the blaster itself, but maybe even more so what the blaster represented. To me, the impending release of the Nerf Modulus signaled a return for Nerf to the good old glory days where attachments and accessories thrived and were supported wholeheartedly by their maker. Good old days! Anyways, here we go with the Nerf Modulus review!

And just in case you’re the TL;DR type, here’s a full review in video format, straight from my YouTube channel. You’re welcome.

Naming the Nerf Modulus.

nerf modulus review infographic
nerf modulus review modulus definitionLook at that, “Modulus” is actually a real word! How about that? Looking at the definition of modulus, one can infer a few things. The first definition of modulus tells us that modulus is just another way to say “absolute value.” I know only a Sith deals in absolutes, but bare with me for a moment. Could naming a new flagship-esque blaster after a word that means absolute value have a hidden meaning? Is this Nerf Modulus the determining factor that all other blasters will be measured against in the future? Is the Modulus, like definition 2, going to be the new constant in what we can expect from future Nerf blasters and their quality level? Or am I reading too much into this? Another, simpler, way to look at it is this: the Nerf Modulus has promised to be the most modular blaster we have ever seen. That’s it. Modulus = modular blasters. Write that down!

How the Nerf Modulus Works.

nerf modulus review modulus internals

We can’t do a Nerf Modulus Review without talking about how the Modulus works, can we? Maybe, but that’s not going to stop me now. So it’s rather simple, the Nerf Modulus works exactly like the Nerf Stryfe. It is a Stryfe re-shell after all. That means it is a semi-automatic flywheel blaster. It requires four AA batteries to work(not included). So, once you open her up, you can see the same old usual internals. You see the all of the electrical wiring, complete with all of the safety locks, although less locks than are in the Stryfe. These prevent you from operating the blaster with the jam door open, or with no clip loaded, etc. You can see the wiring connecting the acceleration trigger to the flywheels. You have to push and hold down the acceleration trigger before you fire the Modulus. You can also see the trigger, which is connected to a pusher mechanism. When you pull the trigger, it in turn makes the pusher mech move forward. This pushes a dart forward from the top of the clip, directly into the spinning flywheels, which send it rapidly propelling out of the barrel. All basic stuff. Of particular note is that the Nerf Modulus seems to be using different kinds of flywheels, or at least a slightly different flywheel setup.

Nerf Modulus Look and Feel.

nerf modulus toy fair ny 2015

This might be one of my favorite parts of this Nerf Modulus review. I think the Modulus is absolutely gorgeous. While there have been white and even white and orange blasters before, there’s just something about the Modulus that makes it seem so fresh and new. The Modulus paintjob looks fantastic. But let’s take it from the top. That top tac rail/carry handle is awesome. It looks great and it’s convenient to carry the Modulus by that handle, especially when it has full attachments on. The main handle is actually comfortable and it looks very cool with that skeletal design. The same skeletal design is repeated throughout the design of the Modulus, from the handle, to the trigger, to the front of the blaster, just before the muzzle. And it all looks great. The Nerf Modulus is covered in tactical rails. It has a whopping 5 tactical rails, which puts it near the very top of all time highest number of tac rails on a blaster. The Nerf Modulus even has a nifty little flip-up sight at the front of the blaster, atop the muzzle. The carry handle prevents you from really even being able to see it, though. So it’s totally useless, but it looks nice. The front hand guard/grip area is actually extremely comfortable and ergonomic. It feels so good to hold it this way that I don’t even really see the need for an added foregrip. And who could forget that banana clip? While serving no actual functionality, banana clips just ooze coolness and this is no exception. It was cool on the Demolisher and it’s still cool on the Modulus.


Nerf Modulus Attachments.

nerf modulus review modulus attachments

One of the standout things about the Nerf Modulus was the fact that it comes in the box with a whole assortment of Nerf gun attachments. This Modulus kit has been compared to the Elite Stryfe CS-18 Mission Kit from a few years ago. But even that kit pales in comparison to what we have today with the Modulus blaster. The Modulus includes 5 attachments in the box. It comes with a Storage Stock, a Dual Rail Barrel, a Targeting Scope, and a Drop Grip. Fantastic. Let’s go over them in this Nerf Modulus review, one by one.

nerf modulus review storage stockThe Storage Stock looks cool enough. And it has the awesome ability of holding another clipazine in storage. Clips stored in this location are ready right where you need them when it’s time to reload. Unfortunately, for some reason they decided to make it just like the Nerf Recon or Nerf Praxis stock. It has these two little flimsy soft plastic bars jutting out to connect the main stock to the stock attachment point. That design sucks. Horribly. It is super flimsy and weak and I can not use it. At all. Fail.


nerf modulus review 10-dart banana clip


Next, let’s take a look at the Banana Clip. It only holds 10 darts, but besides that it’s perfect. Looks really great on the Modulus and gives it that added cool factor. This is the same banana clip from the Demolisher. Those clips are bananas. B-a-n-a-n-a-s. These clips are banan — Okay, I’ll stop…



nerf modulus review targeting scopeNow on to that Targeting Scope. You may have heard people complaining that it doesn’t actually have any clear plastic at either end of the scope. To this I say: So?! It doesn’t need the plastic, it’s not a real scope. It has a cool reticle in the middle and it looks very nice overall. The plastic at the ends have absolutely no bearing or effect on anything. Period.


nerf modulus review drop grip


Moving on to the Drop Grip, it is very comfortable. They’ve got a winner with this one. It looks good and it feels good in your hand, too. It’s similar to the Retaliator assault grip, but a lot beefier. Honestly, I don’t know which one I like more. They’re both great grips and either one would serve your needs.



nerf modulus review dual rail barrelLastly, but not least, we move on to the Dual-Rail Barrel attachment. It’s called that because, you guessed it, it has dual tactical rails. One up top and one underneath. Xzibit would be proud of this attachment. It is an extended barrel with a barrel attachment point, for more extended barrels. Pimp your Nerf Gun! I think that’s hilarious.




Outside of the insane amount of attachment opportunities this kit provides, it  also offers a very cool looking blaster and that always makes for a good experience. Even better, I recently found out that Amazon is offering each of the attachments for the Nerf Modulus for sale individually. That’s right, you can get any or all of these and other Nerf Modulus attachments sold separately. Nice!

Nerf Modulus Performance.

nerf modulus review of performance

Now we move on to the part of this Nerf Modulus review that all of you were waiting for. “That’s nice and all, But how does it shoot, though?” Because after all, all of those attachments and all of that sexiness won’t mean squat if the blaster is an underperformer. So let’s check out the Nerf Modulus performance level, shall we? With the other Stryfe re-shells, the performance mostly stayed the same. They were able to transplant that internal goodness from the Stryfe to other blaster bodies with no loss in performance. They did this with the Demolisher and the Nerf Cam and the Rebelle Rapid Red. With the Nerf Modulus, I believe they’ve actually managed to improve upon the already great formula. In my tests, the Modulus blaster actually outperforms the Stryfe. The Modulus succeeds with performance right out of the box. It does not experience any of those little glitches that the stock Stryfe does. That is, before you do some quick modwork and remove the safety locks. The Nerf Modulus has the same great range, landing darts down range up to 60 feet away (I was able to hit 85 feet with angled shots). But where it differs, and you’ll see this if you look at certain video reviews, is that the accuracy on the Modulus is crazy good. Consistency is key, and that’s where the Modulus dominates. The Nerf Modulus just outstryfed the Stryfe!

The Nerf Modulus Review Roundup.:

nerf modulus review performance review

Well, the votes are in… If you couldn’t tell by reading through the rest of my Nerf Modulus review, this is my overall favorite Nerf blaster of all time! It’s the GOAT, baby! I’m smitten, I’m in love with the Nerf Modulus. This is more than a crush. Geez, how else can I say it? Call it the McModulus, ’cause I’m lovin’ it! It shoots straighter than I thought Elite Darts would ever allow. It’s just as powerful, if not more so, than the Nerf Demolisher. The range and velocity are on par with all of the other Stryfe re-shells. It has the most comfortable front hand rest/grip area I have ever experienced. Seriously, this is the most comfortable blaster I’ve ever held. This blaster hasn’t jammed on me yet. Trusty, reliable, consistent. The Nerf Modulus is all of that and more. However, for the sake of honesty, I must go over some of the negatives. As perfect as I think the Modulus is, nothing on this Earth’s surface really is perfect, so… One, the pistol grip has a beautiful skeletal design, but the ridge has a tendency to dig into your hand which can become irritating after a while. Yet and still, it doesn’t really bother me much (even without the gloves). This was a big negative that I saw people commenting about in other reviews, but I think it’s hugely overstated. Maybe I just have tougher skin, but it really doesn’t bother me. My next gripe, the Modulus storage stock is super duper lame. It’s cool that it holds and extra clip in a very convenient place, but c’mon Nerf! You might as well have used spaghetti noodles to hold this thing together. It is so weak and flimsy that I cannot recommend using it at all. I can’t stand it. Welp, that’s about it. This has been the Nerf Modulus review. Tell me, what do you think of the mighty Nerf Modulus, Nerf Nation? Sound off and let me know, down below in the comments section.

Featured MOD.

I really love’s work! Check out this Elite Blue Modulus combo video that he put up — it’s amazing! Then subscribe to his channel and facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. He’s always putting out great content. Always fun and entertaining, you won’t regret it. Back to the video, the Modulus looks stunning in Elite blue coloring, but don’t take my word for it, watch the video already!

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

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3 thoughts on “Nerf Modulus Review

  1. Hmm. Not very objective.

    Handling – You admit that the stock is terrible and that while not a problem for you, the handle is an issue for many people. Despite these problems, still gets 5 stars?

    Mobility – it’s a 2-handed blaster! How does that warrant a perfect score?!?

    Damage – Don’t even know what this is for a nerf blaster. You already have RoF and range. Sounds like you are just making up categories.

    Accuracy – Don’t. Just don’t. Nerf darts are not accurate by their very design.

  2. Hey Pete, thanks for commenting… I admit it may not be my most objective review, but yeah… I’m biased. I love the Nerf Modulus! Its pros far outweigh its cons for me.

    Handling – The blaster handles just fine without the stock, that’s why it’s able to get a 5 in this category. The battery compartment/hand rest area is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever used! Besides, you can add many different stocks onto the generic stock attachment point. Also, I did mention the handle issue just in case, but it really REALLY is not an issue for me. This leads me to believe either many people have very soft sensitive hands, or it’s just not that big of an issue. It’s a case of picking nits. But, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong. Have you tried the Modulus out for yourself?

    Mobility – It’s very lightweight and very balanced, especially with that great battery placement. Great mobility! Plus, as you can see in one of my pictures above, it can be held rather easily with one hand. Maybe not for children, but yeah…

  3. Continued…

    Damage – This is a pretty much a combination of those categories (range, RoF, accuracy, ammo capacity, jamming propensity, etc.), coupled with my perceived “intimidation factor” of the blaster, which goes back to aesthetic properties.

    Accuracy – LoL! This, of course, is relative to the base accuracy level (or lack thereof) of our current Elite Darts. However, I did notice very tight, very consistent groupings of darts when I used my Modulus. Maybe I just got a good one… YMMV, I guess…

    Thanks for the thoughtful comment/critique, I appreciate it!

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