Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit

nerf modulus stealth ops upgrade kit

The Nerf Modulus arrived at the end of the summer in 2015 to commercial success but wasn’t exactly a hit with most critics. However, no matter what you think of the Modulus itself, with it comes a host of new Nerf gun attachments possibilities. Not only does the base Modulus blaster come with a set of new Nerf attachments, they also make 4 separate Nerf Modulus Upgrade Kits that are compatible with any blaster that has those N-Strike/N-Strike Elite tactical rails and stock attachment points and muzzles. Which is to say, nearly every single blaster on the market right now. With this kit, the Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit, you get to turn into a super leet tacticool T1 operator. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, we aren’t operating just yet…

Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit

Blee here, back at it again with another Nerf Modulus kit to review. My last kit review wasn’t really a kit, per se, but it was labeled as such. This time, we’re back to a full-fledged kit. And this one just might be my overall favorite kit for the Nerf Modulus. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit! On with the review!

What’s In The Box?!

nerf modulus stealth ops upgrade kit

In the box, you’ll find three Nerf attachments. You’ll see the Modulus Red Dot Sight, the Proximity Barrel, and the Folding Grip. Time to go in depth with the kit and explore each attachment individually.

Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit Breakdown.:

nerf modulus red dot pinpoint sightThey say to save the best for last, but this is just too good. I can’t wait! The Nerf Modulus Red Dot Sight is a successor to the long-discontinued and ultra rare Nerf attachment of yesteryear, the Nerf Elite Pinpoint Sight. While the Elite Pinpoint Sight and the original N-Strike PPS were identical, save for color schemes, the new Modulus RDS is a brand new design. But while so much has changed, so much has remained the same as well. The red dot sight projects a red dot onto a plastic screen to assist with aiming. There is an on/off switch on the left side and it operates off of two double A batteries. The Nerf Modulus Red Dot Sight attaches to any standard N-Strike tactical rail.


nerf modulus stealth ops upgrade kit proximity barrel



Not since the Nerf Spectre Barrel have I seen such a cool looking, wholly uninhibited, highly functional barrel attachment. The Nerf Modulus Proximity Barrel is short and sweet. It looks super tacticool and doesn’t add any kind of noticeable barrel drag or degradation of performance whatsoever. I love it! One thing people don’t like about this barrel is that it doesn’t have a little nub to lock into the blaster, but that’s not a big deal. It would also necessitate an increase in size for this barrel, which would take away from its great aesthetic properties. I love this thing!


nerf modulus stealth ops ugprade kit folding grip pivot grip


Last, but not least (or is it?), is the Nerf Modulus Folding Grip. This is supposed to be a super tacticool grip that you can use in two different positions. You can use the grip folded out or you can use it as a horizontal grip while it’s folded up. Just a push of the little orange button on the side, and you’re free to adjust the grip. More good grips on the market are great because all we really had previously was the Nerf Retaliator Assault Grip.




Final Thoughts and Opinions.:

As far as tacticool options go for your blaster, the Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit cannot be beaten. Period. Not by an official Nerf product, anyway. The folding Pivot Grip is comfortable, but not overly so. The folding feature is a nice touch, but I find that using it while folded is not really that comfortable. It also looks a bit weird folded up on a lot of blasters. The Proximity Barrel? It’s nearly flawless. Short and sweet, no unnecessary crap. The one flaw is that it can be a little loose when it’s attached to your blaster, but it’s not super loose. It’s not going to randomly fall off or anything. Finally, let’s talk about this Red Dot Sight. I freaking love this thing. It looks super duper cool and I’d put one on every single blaster if I could. The original Pinpoint Sight is a relic these days. People still look for them, but it’s hard to find one, especially for a good price. So for Nerf to release a brand new version with an even better design? Awesome! The only negative I can think of is that the red dot isn’t quite as clear as it used to be on the older models, especially in low light situations. Overall, though, this Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit is my favorite of all of the Nerf Modulus kits. Like all of the other kits, this kit works with all current Nerf blasters. You can buy it on Amazon, by clicking HERE. Thanks for reading! 


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