Nerf Modulus Strike and Defend Upgrade Kit

nerf modulus strike and defend upgrade kit

The Nerf Modulus – Some people love it, some people hate it. Either way, though, you’ve got to admit… it brought some cool Nerf attachments with it. In fact, it brought back the entire market of individually packaged Nerf attachments and accessories being sold separately. The Modulus not only included a bunch of attachments in the box with it, but it brought a host of upgrade kits and eventually led to each and every grip, barrel, stock, and more being sold absolutely separate of the blaster or even the kit. If you do decide that you like all of the attachments in a kit, you might as well buy them together. So with that in mind, stay tuned for the Nerf Modulus Strike and Defend Upgrade Kit Review!

Nerf Modulus Strike and Defend Upgrade Kit.

I said the last kit I reviewed was probably my favorite, but that was subjective. And, favored or not, this has been the most highly anticipated of all the Upgrade Kits. So, no filler or preamble here, let’s jump right into the unboxing and review!

What’s In The Box?!

nerf modulus strike and defend upgrade kit

In the Nerf Modulus Strike and Defend Upgrade Kit box, there are only two pieces. A shoulder stock and a shield attachment. Simple. But, let’s take a closer look…

Nerf Modulus Strike and Defend Upgrade Kit Breakdown.:

nerf modulus strike and defend upgrade kit blast shield
First up, let’s take a look at the shield attachment. This is called the Nerf Modulus Blast Shield. It attaches to any N-Strike compatible tactical rail. And as we know, all current blasters on the market are N-Strike compatible. So this slides on and clicks into place on any tac rail. It can flip up to protect you or it can fold down and lay flat to give you a clear view of things, or just to stay compact when you don’t need it. However, even when it is in the up position, you can still see through it as it is transparent, unlike the old Stampede shield. There’s also a little window in the shield with a targeting reticule, just to add to the tacticool nature of this attachment. Pretty neat.


nerf modulus strike and defend upgrade kit blast shield

Next, we get to take a look at the shoulder stock. This item is called the Nerf Modulus Blaster Stock. It attaches to any Nerf blaster with a stock attachment point, which is most of them. So the stock snaps onto the end of your blaster, like usual, but wait… is that a trigger on the stock? What!? Yeah, that’s a trigger on the stock. The Blaster Stock is a blaster and stock in one. It’s basically a shoulder stock with a built in Nerf Jolt type blaster. Pull the handle down to prime, and the pull the trigger. It fires a single dart from the small barrel above the attachment point. On certain blasters, the Blaster Stock can actually shoot while still attached to the blaster.



Final Thoughts and Opinions.:

Like I said in my opening, the Nerf Modulus Strike and Defend Upgrade Kit was the most highly anticipated Nerf Modulus kit. It might have even been more anticipated than the Modulus itself. But now that they are selling each Nerf Modulus attachment separately, this may no longer be the case. While most people absolutely love the Blaster Stock, the Blast Shield has been hit or miss. I certainly don’t love it. I don’t hate it, but let’s be serious for a moment, can we? The Blast Shield is purely for looks. It is not very functional and it honestly just gets in the way. If you were in an actual Nerf War with that thing, it’d just be too cumbersome. There’s a tiny chance that it might deflect a dart or two, maybe, but it’s not really worth it. The Blaster Stock, though? That thing is pretty awesome! It’s a great size for larger Nerfers, it’s surprisingly very sturdy, and it includes a backup shot! Detaching the Blaster Stock from the back of your blaster and firing off a shot has got to be on par, if not quicker than, pulling a Jolt or a Triad out of a holster or pocket. The Kit is good and competitively priced, though, so you’ll have to shop around. Check on Amazon for the kit and then check the Blaster Stock itself to see what the pricing is at the time you’re ready to make that purchase. But, believe me, you’re going to want to make this purchase. That’s all, guys. Thanks for reading!

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