Nerf Modulus Upgrade Kits: NEW Colors!

nerf modulus upgrade kits new color variations

It’s time to talk about the Nerf Modulus Upgrade Kits again…

Nerf Modulus Upgrade Kits: NEW Color Variations.

Surprise! Out of absolutely nowhere, new, alternate color variations of the Nerf Modulus Upgrade Kits started to show up on store shelves. I was actually the first person to discover this, online anyway. I was out strolling through my local Toys R Us when I spotted the surprising new color options. Needless to say, I bought all of the kits with the visible change and ran home to do a review. I filmed a video and threw it up on YouTube, then I ran over to the Nerf Reddit to tell everyone about it. I was quite giddy but still didn’t have all of the answers. Was this a factory error? A misprint? Did this batch skip a part of the painting process? Was it an accident, or done on purpose? Is this a replacement for the kits we have now? Will they continue to make both? My mind raced with questions that weren’t able to be answered at that time. So, read on and let’s see if we can come to some conclusions on our own.

Nerf Modulus Upgrade Kits: Hold the Green, Please!

So there you have it. Just take a look at this pic from my Instagram. You can clearly see that whereas the original Nerf Modulus Upgrade Kits all released with the signature Modulus green on all of them, now they were simply orange. What a cool little change in such a short amount of time. But why the change you may ask? Well, it’s pretty clear to me. If you paid attention when the kits first released, many Nerfers were upset to see that they carried that flagship green. See, the green made the attachments stand out like a sore, green thumb when attached to our standard Nerf blasters. Try attaching the Nerf Modulus attachments onto a standard Elite blue blaster, or even an orange XD blaster. Didn’t look terrible, but it just didn’t seem to fit in too well. Amazingly, it seems that Nerf has actually listened to our complaints and did a quick 180 on the issue. It seems they reconsidered that green stripe, and instead, they opted to go with the neutral orange stripe. Every single Nerf blaster has, at least, a little orange on it, so this would prove to work very well.

New Nerf Modulus Upgrade Kits Colors, A Recap..:

There’s a closer look at one of my favorite Nerf attachments in both colors. Which do you prefer? I love them both, for different applications. The original green colored one goes very well with the Nerf Modulus ECS-10 and the Nerf Modulus Ion Fire blasters. The newer orange colored one go perfectly with the Elite XD Stryfe and even the Nerf Modulus Recon MKII. It’s pick and choose. So, I think there is room for both of these Nerf attachment color schemes. Different colors for different blasters. However, it seems that the new orange ones are full replacements for the original Nerf Modulus Upgrade Kit. So while we initially thought it might be some kind of error or misprint from the factory, now it seems the other way around. Nerf is giving up on the original green striped attachments and is opting to go with the orange stripe, which fits in better with a larger assortment of Nerf blasters.


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