Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike Review

nerf n-strike elite dualstrike blaster

Hey, guys. Ever wondered what would happen if you smashed a Triad and a Mega Magnus together as hard as you possibly could? Well, they’d probably break into a million pieces. If they somehow managed to survive, though? Well, then… You’d probably be left with something a little like this.:

nerf n-strike elite dualstrike blaster

Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike.

Nerf Nation! Hey guys, what’s going on? Here today, we’ll be going over the brand new Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike Blaster!! Look closely at the picture above. Your eyes do not deceive you, this thing can actually fire Elite darts and Mega darts. What the what?! How cool is that?!

Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike Aesthetic Design.

Here is the section of the review where I go over the full aesthetics and external features of the blaster, in this case the Dual Strike. The Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike blaster is highly reminiscent of the old Nerf Mega Magnus, save for a few differences. They both share the same basic form factor and their length is nearly identical. The Dual-Strike is much thinner and lighter than the Magnus, though. Also, it’s as if someone has cut the handle off of an Elite Triad and managed to attach it perfectly to the top of the Magnus. Picture that and you’ll be right on par with what the DualStrike has become. Rounding out the features is a sole tactical rail up top near the back, in a good place to attach optical attachments. Yeah, this blaster isn’t too terribly tacticool.

Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike Performance at the Flick of a Switch!

nerf n-strike elite dualstrike blaster

Alright, alright, alright. Now, we move on to the most interesting part of this blaster. As was mentioned earlier, the Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike fires either Elite darts or Mega darts, with the flick of a switch. There is an appropriately labeled selector switch on the right side of the blaster that lets you choose whether you want to fire Elites or Megas. Super duper cool. You don’t have to empty either ammo type, either, you can switch back and forth between the two dart types on the fly. To operate the DualStrike, first, load up all 6 of the barrels (3 Elite darts, 3 Mega), or any combination of darts as you see fit. The smart air restrictors on this blaster will only fire from barrels that have a dart loaded into the chamber. Next, adjust your selector switch to either “Elite” or “Mega,” depending on which dart you wish to fire. Then pull back the priming rod handle all the way out and lock it into place. Last, pull the trigger to fire. You have to repeat the prime and trigger pull each time you want to fire. The DualStrike performance tends to land on the lower side of the Elite spectrum, which is actually a bit disappointing. For a blaster capable of firing both Elite and Mega darts, you’d think it’d be able to pump out a lot more power. The performance is low, but it’s not terrible.

Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike Final Thoughts and Opinions.:

nerf n-strike elite dualstrike blaster

The Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike blaster is a pretty cool blaster. I say it’s cool more so for what it represents for the future of Nerf. The fact that they have released this blaster makes me think some cool and exciting new blasters will come out using this kind of dual dart firing technology. As Nerf adopts more ideas from the Nerf modding community, things will most certainly get better for you, the consumer. Image a new flywheel Elite blaster that has a built in, or even better, a detachable Mega blaster master key attachment. I would absolutely love to see something like this, guys. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wanting to see something like that come out for a while now. So, in the end, I have to give this blaster a full purchase recommendation. If you want to see Nerf make more blasters like this, we have to talk with our collective wallets. This is definitely a cool blaster, and I don’t regret buying it, but I’m even more excited for what the Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike means for future Nerf blasters.

Nerf Elite DualStrike Mega Blaster


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